Friday, January 13, 2012

Gone with the Wind Read a Long

This month, I am doing something totally different. I have joined a Readalong with Kate@ Literary Explorations. For the month of January we are reading Gone With the Wind, to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the release of Margaret Mitchell's novel. 

I have wanted to read Gone with the Wind too many years too count. But, unfortunately other books got in the way of reading.   I have seen Gone with the Wind several times. But, always wanted to read the book.   Unfortunately, I have seen it too many times, like every movie that is released after you see the book, I know what is going to happen. If I am going to see a movie adaption of the book, I either read the book first, or I don't read it at all, because I know what the conclusion is. 

I decided anyway that I am going to join the read along. So far, though the book is not exactly following the movie. In the movie, it never explained the history of Tara, how it came to be. I am learning about the empty holes, and the history of Tara, and her Scarlett's heritage.

The book does follow her self centered life. I don't care about the war, You boys, stop talking about war, war, war or I am going to.....

Unfortunately, I think the read along is going to affect my book reviews for this month. I am going to see if I can possibly fit a couple of reviews in, but can't promise anything.  

You can go to Literary Explorations hosted by Kate if you are interested in joining in. The actual discussion questions are on Goodreads.

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Carin Siegfried said...

I am so glad you are reading GwtW! Enjoy!

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