Friday, January 27, 2012

Today's Incident: Bad Experience at Books A Million

Books-A-Million, is one of my least favorite bookstores. It is very coporate, all business, the employees don't seem they want to be there, aren't  book readers, the store does not have the comfy oversized chairs, etc, the set up of the coffee shop is not homey like Barnes and Noble.

The BN in Myrtle Beach, care about their customers, know their merchandise, are book readers, like the set up of their cafe, and the store itself.

I know most of you are independent bookstore supporters. But, because I no longer live in N.J. where there is a  abundent number of bookstore.  In Myrtle Beach, SC. there aren't many indenpendent book stores.  Only Books A Million( which I detest), and Barnes and Noble. Not many book stores to pick and choose in a small tourist town.

I decided I had a bad day at work, I wanted to go to the mall. I was looking for slipcovers for my pillows. Could not find anything. So, instead I side tracked into Books-A-Million.

Anyway, like all of bibliophiles, and book bloggers, and lover of all things books. I finally selected my purchase,  Gone With The Wind, and Running the Rift.

 I was waiting in line to make my purchases. Then I was asked if I would like to buy a discount card from Books A Million. My answer was NO, and I thought that was the end of that.

But, than the cashier, proceeded to ask me, why not.  Most people would leave it as that and end the transaction.  Not this crazy cashier, he wanted a answer. Well, he does not know I am a book blogger, and I probably know more about the publishing world than he does, with all the research and reading I do about publishing and books. He was not ready for my answer.

I told him with hard covers coming out, and paperbacks coming out in 6 months, why? oh why? would I pay the same price for a digital book. When I know I can get a paper back for less than the digital book? When Books A Million will come out with a discount for a digital book than I would think about it.

He's answer is, That is not going to happen.   He kept going on, and on. I was not trying out for the debating team.   I just wanted to crawl under a rock, I was totally embarrassed why this employee wanted to argue about this.

 Now, there were customers waiting, the line was getting longer and longer. I just wanted him to stop pressing the issue, and finish and let me leave. It was quite embarrassing. I don't know if he was just trying to impress the other customers on the benefit of the card since I told him my view.

Nobody should force someone's views on someone else, and that was what he was doing. For peat sake, I am the customer.  He is waiting on me, not visa versa.

Next time, if I go into the store, and I am singled out again like that I will speak to the manager. There was no reason, to embarrass me, a customer. 

 I would rather go to BN, where I have been going there for years since I moved down here. They all know me in there, and treat me, with respect.   But, now that I live farther away, working 40 hour week,  with gas prices what they are and a 30 minute drive, I can only afford going down there every few weeks.

Just because he wanted to know why?  I did not want to buy  a Books A Million membership card.


bermudaonion said...

We're lucky to have an indie bookstore and your experience is why I shop there.

Irene said...

Oh that's horrible. I hope you copy this post to head office, if ther is one.

wolflr said...

I worked for BAM for a year and can tell you that employees are required to push the discount cards. An employee who does not sell a certain percentage of cards pay is at risk of losing his or her job. The employee who waited on may have been super pushy because he was in danger of losing his (minimum wage) job.

Carolina Gal's Literary Cafe said...

I understand that, but he was arguementative about my answer to the digital books, it is not polite, and pushing his views on publishing on me. When I am a customer.

Beside, I work in retail, we do suggestive sales but once I customer says no, I go on to the rest of the order, and check him through.

Anonymous said...

This is the reason I won't go to BAM. Even after I tell them that I don't want the card, and even after I tell them that the reason I don't want the card is that they're obnoxiously pushy, they won't drop it. No thanks!

Anonymous said...

Just buy the damn card so we can keep our jobs, please. I'd rather have my crappy low paying job that stresses discount card sales over customer service than be unemployed. When we ask you to buy the card, just buy it and come back. Go to the cafe, get a frappe, get a magazine, talk to us about books, get to know us instead of complaining about us doing our jobs.