Sunday, January 1, 2012

Where Are You Reading 2012 Challenge

This year, 2012 I am entering a challenging"Challenge". You ask, what do you mean? Because I am computer challenged, I entered a challenge that I could not last year. Because of the poor computer skills.  It was Where Are You Reading 2011.

But this year, 2012 I decided I am going to challenge myself. It is not so much the books. But, to set up google maps. It is such a neat idea, I just had to do it this year. No matter how challenging it is. I forced myself to figure it out. I am 3/4 there already. It took me a entire day to figure it out.

The only thing, I have not yet figured out, is how to link up the blog post to the pix on the map. I did a google search, but nothing popped out.  It is not terribly important, because I could leave with that until the end. Then figure it out. If any one can help me, I would appreciate it.

I am excited to start. It is your own literary journey for the year. I have wanted to read books that center not so much on the east coast, because it seems that is mostly where I read. I would like to read books that are on the west coast, and the middle states. I find most of my reading is where I am from the East coast. I don't know, if it is where most of the authors are from, or it's the publishing houses.

My first post, is going to be from Ky, I just finished reading Barbara Kingslover's novel, The Bean Tree. My post will come up today. If you would like to participate in the challenge, Where are you Reading 2012, just go over and pop in, and visit Sheila, at Book Journey.

                                 Happy New Year 2012 to all my readers, and fellow bloggers.
                                                To good health, peace, and happiness to all.
                                                   Hope we all have a great year in books.

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