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I Am Forbidden: Book Review

I Am Forbidden
By Anouk Markovits
Provided by Netgalley

I decided, I Am Forbidden does not belong on Seaside Book Corner's blog. Instead I am posting on my Jewish blog. The book is a  Jewish novel. But most people that don't know the Jewish traditions, and the community of the Satmar's would not appreciate I Am Forbidden.

Most books that are written about the observant Jews are mainly attacking the Jewish community because of the treatment of women. This novel is not bashing about the women. But about the Jewish fundamentalists ideas to the extreme in the community of Satmar's. They reside mainly in the United  States in Williamsburg in NYC.

I did enjoy reading the novel, but I would not recommend it for everyone.   If you don't know much about the Jewish traditions and the understanding of women and purity and modesty, I would not recommend it unless you do some research on your own.

Even though I am Jewish I had do my own research before, and during my reading of, I Am Forbidden.  The author does have a glossary in the back of the book. But I would still recommend doing a little research of the Jewish traditions and the Satmar community.

It is interesting to note, I am Jewish but I am not a observant Jew. I did not realize that catholism and Judaism is similar in the politics and leaders. It is scary, I did not realize how fanatical the community is.

I did find it interesting about their Rebbe and his escape during the holocaust. I did find some facts about this on Wikpedia. But not sure how accurate it is.

  The monarchy, of kings and queens in Europe reminded me of the similarity of the Satmar dynasty.  There are not a lot of novels written about the Jewish community, but not the Satmar Jews.

It is going to be interesting because I wanted to read a memoir that was just released called Unorthodox, very timely again about the Satmar community. The memoir is very controversial. It has been on the news, facebook, and other social networks.

You can read  my review on my other blog on Bagels, Books and Schmooze in the next few days. If you are interested you can read a article here, and here.

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