Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The PostMistress: Book Review

The PostMistress
By Sarah Blake

The PostMistress  takes place in a small town, Franklin, Mass, and then across the ocean in Europe, before the United States went to war. In England during the Blitz.

The main characters are Iris, the Postmistress. Frankie, the radio commenter working with Morrow. Then a minor character is Emma.

There is romance, history, suspense, and a interesting twist to the story.

The story takes place with Will a doctor is on a house call, a homebirth.  The woman dies.  Will feels responsible, he decides to enlist in the military in England before everyone else.

He meets Frankie over in Europe.  They are in a bomb shelter together, and converse and talk about their life.  They go their separate ways. In a freak accident, Will is killed crossing the street.  In his pocket is a letter to his wife, Emma. Frankie, decides she will send the letter on at the right time.

In the meantime, Frankie is sent on assignment in Germany.  She gets on a train and sees things she wishes she doesn't see. Terrible atrocities, she relates this when she gets back to England to her boss. 
She broadcasts to the American public through the radio. Most Americans don't believe what they hear.  It is hard to believe.

 Iris the PostMistress, is hired for the post office.  There are many secrets in those letters that are sent from people in her small community.  She wanders what has happened to Will because Emma has not received any letters from her husband, Will.  Will before he left asked Iris to protect Emma and watch over her. 

I enjoyed reading the story about Iris, the straight lace character. She kept everything in order.
To Emma, the poor, helpless character. To Frankie, the strong head strong broadcaster, where it was considered a "man's job".

 Frankie's  journey through Europe into Germany, the people she met, and tried to help.  What she discovered was happening to the Jews. It was a secret not many people knew or suspected what the Nazi's were doing.  This part of the novel made the story captivating to me and very engrossed. 

 I haven't read novels about places and people that take place during WW2. I liked the story and character of Frankie, how she did her job, and some of the hardships, and danger she went through during her time in England.
  I enjoy a novel that I learn something about people's experiences.   The author did a good job with her research and putting it into the story.  I recommend reading the novel, if you like watching movies of the old WW2 movies, with romance.

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