Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ape House
by Sara Gruen
My own copy

The Ape House is the story of Isabel Duncan, a scientist at the Great Ape Lab. She meets, and is interviewed by John, a reporter. A explosion rocks and upsets the lab for the Bonobo Apes,and Isabelle.
She is severely hurt and taken to the hospital. The apes escape, and then somehow a reality TV show apprehends the apes, and telecasts them on TV.

From there, that is where I lost it. I didn't care for the characters. It seemed like the author wanted to stand on her soap box and write about her thoughts about inhuman acts in zoos, and sanctuaries.  Which is fine, because I love a story that has social commentary. But this one, I could not get into for some reason. I like a story with substance and this one did not fit the bill for me.

I must be a prude because reading about sexual acts between apes did not interest me. Reading about the antics of the apes with touching, and caressing, while their sexual organs enlarged. Just made me close the book the book, and say enough already, I really lost it.  I think she would have been able to tell the story without that in the book, would have been fine.
I would have liked the story if there was more to it. But, I just felt the story was flat. This is one book that I purchased as a hardcover. I bought this two years ago. I was hoping for a good story by the author. I was disappointed.  I loved Water for Elephants.  

We read this for our book club. I was not able to make it, because of a car accident, and trying to find a car.  I was curious to see what others thought of this book. I had spoken to one of my friends and she felt the same way. I have been reading mixed reviews on other blogs, and on Goodreads, some good some bad. 


bermudaonion said...

I've heard this is Gruen's worst book. I loved Water for Elephants, Flying Changes and Riding Lessons.

Irene said...

Sorry this was such a disappointment, I liked Water for Elephants too.

Marie said...

i have heard really disappointed reviews about this book- a lot of them. i'm sorry it didn't work for you. i dislike social commentary so i probably wouldn't like it anyway. and i don't think you are a prude for not wanting to read about apes having sex. who would?

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