Thursday, April 19, 2012

WBN 2012

WBN is this week. I am looking forward to this. It will be like me, being Santa, only it will be in  April. Funny though, I don't celebrate Christmas.

Anyway, it is finally here.  I went to the book store that is hosting at the destination close to my house. Book Stacks, in Myrtle Beach.

 There is one other person, that is a giver. She is not a book blogger. This is disappointing. I thought it would be another book blogger. I was hoping that we could get in touch with each other, and give each other ideas, and support, and fun way to connect.  At the book destination, the book store seller, asked me how am I going to know who to give it to, or not.  That is a good question. I will just wing it. 

I was hoping that the book store would do a Meet N Greet, or something to celebrate this occasion, too bad. I thought it would be nice to meet the others, and the book store employees.

I wanted to do this, because where I work, there are many people that live behind our store. They come to buy groceries, cigarettes, etc.  It is their only store, in walking distance. Many of them are on EBT, and housing assistance, and financial help from the government.

  Children, and adults alike don't have access to a car, or any transportation. The library is not close by.   I would be able to give books to them, people that normally can't get their hands on books because the library is not close by.  How awesome is that to give books to the children and their parents alike.

I received my box of books. She asked me if I was interested in switching books,  Now, I have more of a variety of books, for men, women, and children that normally don't read.  Namesake and a few others.

I am planning on discussing this with my boss first, of course. Because I am giving this on his time while checking them out. I am sure, because this is spreading the word of literacy, it would be fine. I wish I had discussed with him a few weeks ago, and broaden my idea, with some fun activities.

If you are participating let me know what you plan to do. Are you planning on giving something with the book to celebrate with the book receiver? If you hear of something with the book drop that is awesome I would like to hear about it.


bermudaonion said...

There are a lot of givers around here but I'm the only blogger I know of. I'll be giving The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver.

Carolina Gal's Literary Cafe said...

Congrats to you too. Like me I am sure you are excited too.

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