Sunday, July 8, 2012

Amazing: Tigers in Red Weather

Tigers in Red Weather
By Liza Klaussman

Tiger in Red Weather, takes place in 1945, but then goes along to the 1960's. The story reminds me of the period of The Great Gatsby.

If you like to read stories, of high society, parties, drinking, and clinking glasses, and dinner parties, pretty dresses, and jewels, and jet setters this story is for you.  Reminds me of movies from the 1940's.

 It is the story about two cousins, Helena and Nick. They are privileged high society, young women living with both their parents on Martha's Vineyard at Tiger house.  Until both parents, of Helena and Nick pass away.

Helena is off to California to meet up with her lover to marry in Hollywood.  She seems very dependent on him. He has her boozed up, and taking so many pills she is blinded by him. He wants her to sell her estates in Marha's Vineyard to advance his career. She doesn't see the terrible manipulative man he really is. Eventually, Helena moves back to Tiger House with her cousin, Nick after she gives birth, to Ed. 

Ed, is Helena and Avery's son. Avery could care less about Helena and Ed.  Ed, when he comes to Tiger House. You will see why after you read the story.

Then there is Nick, she is ready to Marry Hughes. He was off in the navy overseas. He has come back to Florida. Nick travels to Florida to meet him. But something has changed about him. You will find out what after you start reading the novel.  Nick finds out, with letters she finds. But, she has become a very cold person, and very unfeeling, at times calculating to Hughes and her daughter, Daisy.

The children, Daisy. She is Hughes and Nick's daughter. She is very competitive, she loves playing tennis competatively, and is her father's pet. Nick feels Daisy is very close to her father. She gets no attention from her husband.

 Ed is Helena and Avery's son. He is very troubled, and has strange patterns. He is always watching people, he calls it, he's research. He is watching so close, it is obsessive.  At first, as a reader, you think nothing is wrong with this picture.  Hughes is making a big deal about it. But, the more you read about it, You realize, it is a problem, so much so, it is sickly.

There is so much more to the story. I can't tell you much without giving it away.  You will have to read it yourself when you get your copy.

There is a murder, the one's who discover the body is 13 year old, Daisy and Ed. The maid is discovered on the Wilcox estate. How did she get there? Who would do such a thing? But, the story does not center around the murder. It centers around the strange and dysfunctional family of Nick and Helena. It is fun to see how this story plays out.  I think the author was having so much fun making it a game.  The writing is beautiful written, and very beautiful descriptive.

I truly loved this book. The author, you could tell did her research for the time setting and place. I have been to Martha's Vineyard, and she seemed to get it right.  I love books with historical references, and place.

 The description of the house was wonderful. It reminded me of my own grandmother's house with the same furniture, and housewares in the kitchen. The description of the kitchen was great. The way she described the curtains, sounded like most of the homes at the times of the 40's. The author did do her research. The cliques she used" Little people have big ears". I remember people used to say that over and over again.

The description of the kitchen with the warmth flowing in. I could picture my grandmother's summer cottage, near Cape Cod.

The book was a mystery, and suspense, but there also was a gothic feel to the story with twists.  The people in the story was so complex, and complicated making it a great summer read. Also makes a good book club pick. Believe me, I am recommending this book when it comes out in paperback.

The ending truly flows with the rest of the book. I am not going to tell you what I think of the ending. It still has me thinking about it after a week.

 Tigers in Red Weather I can't stop raving about. This book was so different, that is why I loved it.  The writing style, worked with this book. Each character's perspective of the same situation, turned the story differently, and made it intriguing.

I can't wait to discuss this book with anyone that has read this, especially the ending.

Thank you Anna Balsai, Little Brown, and Company for the galley, this book was a treat.


bermudaonion said...

This is one of the books from BEA that I'm especially excited about. I'm glad to see it's so good.

Melissa Mc (Gerbera Daisy Diaries) said...

Adding this to Goodreads!!

Beth(bookaholicmom) said...

You have me sold! This is going on my wish list! I love it when a story is beautifully written!

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