Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Book Club: Lively Conversation Part 2

I decided to split blog posts in parts because it would end up being to lengthy. That would be the indication, what a awesome book discussion we had. I can not talk about every thing in the book because it would become endless.

We discussed the novel, The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. I, and the others have not read anything by this author before. I had said before, I am sure 38th Ave. Diva's would probably, not read this because it would be too literary for them.

 With the book club discussion we had, which was talked about in my previous post. This book was perfect.  I was afraid about the length, I hesitated and dived in. I have never read a book this long before. That is what a book club is for, right? Books we would previously, not read.

We discussed the style of writing the author used. Compared linear narrative, to different voices. We talked about the workshops, that authors attend, who influences them.

  Where some novels, it works, where others that flip back and forth, don't work at all and leave the novel flat, and lifeless. Talked about plot development, and climax of the story. The climax did not come till the very end of the novel. Which is unusual. What a fantastic read!!! We all agreed.


We talked about the theme of the novel, of identity and how it impacts you later. Does it come back to haunt you? Does it ever leave you?  Should you tell? Should Hugh have waited that long, to tell or, told her when she could understand? All of us agreed that it does impact you, and doesn't leave you. Your history, or memory is not forgotten.

We all thought if Nell was told when she was younger, she would not have become so angry, lost, and withdrawn from her family. Her life would have been so different.

  We discussed how things have changed with the adoption process in America. Many years ago,files were not accessible to the child. But, laws have changed that it is accessible once the child becomes a adult.

When Eliza, came to the estate and helped blossom the sickly girl, Rose. Her mother that was obsessed with Rose, so much so was so controlling. There was many a time, that Eliza liked to get under her aunt's skin, and push her buttons.

 Most of us hated what Rose turned into later. Rose, manipulated Eliza to do something. That she would be sorry for, and change the entire dynamics of the story.  The brooch, was the connection of the mystery underlined why the girl was left on the boat.  That is what was the big surprise.

 The character of Eliza changed from a head strong person with spirit. She stood up to the Swindle's( play on words), to her aunt, Rose's mother. But, at the end she let everyone manipulate her and use her to their own gain.  When Eliza's mother was alive, her mother told her don't let things pass you by, don't let anyone tell you how to live. You fight for what is right. But, Eliza did not do this, she gave in.

Rose's mother all she thought of was respectability, and worried what everyone would think.  If they found out, really what happened. She did not care about her daughter, or her grand daughter's safety as much as her reputation, and respectability.

 Nell had bought a house on the old estate, and was suppose to go back and live there. But, Cassandra's mother interrupted her life, by leaving her grand daughter at her door step and was unable to move and finish remodeling the house. Instead when her grandmother, Nell died, and  left the house, Cassandra finished the job her grandmother left to find out who she was

. Cassandra  found out her grandmother's identity, and why Nell left her the house in Cromwell, England.

Two things we did not discuss and I wish we did. If Nell did find out her identity, what do you think she would have done with it? Do you think it was a tragedy? From who's perspective. The group did not think it was a tragedy. I realize now, it was especially for Eliza. What do you think was Nell's a tragedy. At first yes, because I thought she never did find out where she came from. Wonder what she would have done if she did find out.  But, then Cassandra came into her life, and gave her blessings.

Our next book club will be reading, Sipping From the Nile by Jean Nagger.

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Irene said...

the fact that you are saying, "I realize now" means you are still thinking about the book. A good indication it was a good book. I love Kate Morton. And yes that's the idea of a book club reading books you would not have chosen for yourself. Bravo for finishing, great posts. I'll have to check my bookshelves for this one.