Friday, July 27, 2012

Opening Ceremony 2012

In tying in with the Olympics, in London. I am reading the novel, Gold by Chris Cleave. Wonderful timing of the novel. I am enjoying reading. He is the author that wrote, Little Bee. You can visit he's website here.  I will be reviewing in a few days.

Before we leave for the games. Let me tell you how spectacular the opening ceremony was.
The culture of the British people shined on them with all the glory and spectacle of the 2012 opening ceremony.

The choreography was done, by Danny Boyle, he did Slum dog Millionaire.  From the history of the industrial revolution, to World War one.

Nurses, and Doctors were honored tonight for their service in health care.   The children asleep in their beds.   The children's  bedtime stories, and the villains in the story

 The children were showcased by nightmares of Harry Potter, and Peter Pan in their sleep.  To James Bond, and Queen Mother Elizabeth, and my favorite comedian, Mr. Bean.  JK Rowling, reading Peter Pan was wonderful.

 It was wonderful to show us, and remind us what the British have contributed to the world. People around the world still enjoy British culture. The movies, music, history, TV, movies, and books.

Since I am a book blogger. I just have to mention children's British literature was showcased. It was wonderful to see.

  The only disappointed thing was, for some of us that don't subscribe to cable TV, any longer we were penalized.

I was disappointed, because I could not watch the entire opening ceremony. I just learned I can't stream Olympic openings, and the sports coverage. Hopefully, it will pop up in a couple weeks to see the show in it's entirety.

Below here are some of the highlights:




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Irene said...

It was spectacular indeed. Bravo.