Thursday, July 26, 2012

Perfect Beach Read: Defending Jacob

Defending Jacob
By William Landay

Defending Jacob, is from the author  The Strangler, and Mission Flats. He is a former district attorney in Boston.

Defending Jacob is not your typical court room drama with twists and turns.  Defending Jacob is a bit more than that.

Andy Barber has a stable, and loving family. He is very proud of he's loving wife, and son. He is the assistant district attorney, in Newton Massachusetts.  He is just delving into a case. A local high school student's body is found.  Evidence is brought forth, that it is he's son, Jacob who may be the suspect of the murder. During the investigation, Andy learns that there is a pedophile living in the area. He thinks he is the true murderer

  Andy is accused of disposing evidence of a knife, etc.  He's family life is then put on shaky ground, and tested with his wife and son, Jacob.

Andy, never told Laurie he's past genetic history. The rage, and violence he's father's uncontrollable anger, that put he's father behind bars for murder.  He's father, and grandfather are cold blooded killers. He's father has been in jail for years, and will most likely stay there. He never told Laurie, until Jacob was accused of murder. He is afraid they will use the genetic history against Jacob.

Laurie, is horrified that Andy did not trust her to tell her the truth. There marriage is on shaky ground.
Andy questions himself, should he have told her from the beginning?. After Andy admits to Laurie the truth. Laurie questions Jacob's behavior. Could her son murdered a fellow student? Has Laurie and Jacob been wearing rose colored glasses? Not notice he's odd behavior? Both of them question their parenting. Could we have done anything to prevent this? What did we do?

Jacob and Laurie think they raised a well adjusted son. But, as the trial get's closer they learn they don't really know their son.  He is introverted, and withdrawn, with not many friends.  Andy learns from one of Jacob's friends( they used to be close) some things about their son.  Both Jacob and he's friend were picked on for quite awhile. 

Defending Jacob, is not your typical court room drama. Why I found the book unique, was not just court room drama, but the family.  The family dynamics, the tension, and how the murder trial affected the family.  There was a big surprise at the end. The ending will blow you away. Such imagination.

Defending Jacob is a good book for a book discussion.  There is a lot to discuss, and a jumping off point for discussion of family, and the children, and the justice system.

I picked up Defending Jacob, because I wanted to read something that was a typical fast read for the summer. I was not disappointed.  Defending Jacob, is a fast paced novel perfect for the beach.


Melissa Mc (Gerbera Daisy Diaries) said...

A copy of this was in the discard bin at the library so I snagged it!! Hopefully it will get read before summer ends.

bermudaonion said...

A good friend of mine read this a while ago and she's still talking about it.

Carolina Gal's Literary Cafe said...

Can't imagine why it would be in the discard bin, it is such a hot book.

Carolina Gal's Literary Cafe said...

Yes, Kathy you should. When you have a chance especially for the summer months.

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