Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tigers in Red Weather: Book Giveaway

I  have been screaming on the roof tops, and beyond how awesome this novel is. On my blog, facebook, twitter, and of course word of mouth to my friends.

  I am suggesting this book for my book club.  You can read my review on the previous post of my blog, below.

Anna, from Little Brown and Co. has allowed me to host a giveaway, Tigers in Red Weather. I have three copies to giveaway. The giveaway starts today until July 17th.

leave a comment, your most memorable beach spot, and why with your email address.

Good luck


Beth(bookaholicmom) said...

My most memorable beach spot is Myrtle Beach where my husband and I vacationed after we were married. We stayed for a week on the beach and just relaxed all week! It was early fall so it was fairly quiet and very peaceful! I could imagine reading this book there! Thanks for offering the giveaway!


Melissa Mc (Gerbera Daisy Diaries) said...

I'm not much of a beach person -- but I nearly drowned of Laguna Beach when I was 12. not a good memory...hence my preference to mountains! :)

Irene said...

I think probably my most memorable beach moments happened when I was still in high school. We all NEEDED to be tanned, I just didn't tan well, I burned to a crisp. So I'm sitting with my friends, who were covered in baby oil, and me covered in clothes, when the hunkiest guy in our high school came to talk to us. We were both real blondes. Hot blondes, I mean temperature wise. Of course being silly teens we giggled. In retrospect, I think he was hitting on my friend. She had a thing for Italian men, and he was not, so he didn't get very far. We walked to the beach, crossing a very busy highway. By the end of the day I was so burned we called my dad to pick us up at an inconspicuous spot. We did this all summer long, every weekend, by the end of summer Mary was lovely and toasted and I was a shriveled red beet, I never did get into the baby oil. George continued to try with Mary to no avail. Mary smoked too, wasn't she cool. Now I think, I must have been one incredible geek. The fast food industry had not developed yet at the beach, so we even brought a picnic, maybe that's what George was after. I doubt it. So that's my beach experience. Please enter me in your giveaway, so I can rekindle my youth, pack a lunch and get the baby oil out, and read.

Marjorie/cenya2 said...

I really don't enjoy the beach now that I am older. However, I went to Myrtle Beach about 15 years ago and it was fantastic.

cenya2 at hotmail dot com

CoachChelseaW said...

Ibiza, Spain. I spent a long weekend there during my tour in Germany. It was a great group of friends, loud thumping music, warm water, and booze. Three girlfriends and I all got matching tattoos of little hearts on the outside of our left shoulders because we "wear our hearts on our sleeve." Awesome memories. <3


Beverly S. said...

Favorite beach memory is definitely Bermuda. Beaches are beautiful there..long stretches that are private plus the water is the most beautiful shade of turquoise. Course the first time I went I was eighteen and accompanying my dad (he had won the trip and my mom did not like flying). We had such fun riding mopeds (with wonderful ocean views). Stopped and walked those fabulous beaches...ahhh to be that young again. :) Thanks too for the chance to win Tigers in Red Weather. It looks sooo good!!!!! :) I can see myself getting "lost" in it on the front porch (with the ceiling fans going). csizemore@centurytel.net

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

wow! sounds like you really liked this one!! i love any beach b/c it's so relaxing :) Thank you!

inthehammockblog at gmail dot com

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