Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Book Goddess discussion: Nancy Pearl

The discussion that Nancy Pearl bring up is very interesting to me. I always wondered, if you liked a certain book, and you wanted the exact same kind of book. How did a librarian, or book seller give you suggestions. Because my thought is, if you tell the librarian, I really enjoyed a certain author, can you recommend another one just like that. How can someone suggest? Just because you like suspense, the person doesn't know what your tastes, and your likes are for reading. Each person has different experiences. One both readers like suspense. But, each one has a different draw or connection. Nancy has the idea of four doors, story, character, place, and language. Which category do you fall into? Myself, I draw into story, and place. This is a very interesting topic. She had made suggestions for a website, where people judge the book and weigh in by the four doors and would be categorized in one place. If you are a reader, and a blogger it is something to think about. The next time you decide what will be your next book. What kind of readers are reading your blog? Do they like the same books you do? Something to think about.

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