Thursday, September 20, 2012

After All These Years: Oldie But Goodie

After All These Years
By Susan Issacs

I read After All These Years for my book club. We wanted to read something not so serious, we have been reading too much literary fiction and wanted to read something fun. This was a fun, quick read. 

Susan Issac's has been writing these kind of novels for years. There is usually a mystery, a murder involved.  There are a few movies that have been adapted from her book. Do you remember Compromising Postions, with Meredith Griffith, and Sigourney Weaver, to name  one. 

After All These Years,  was written back in the early 1990's, which did not matter, the book I found was timeless.

The story was a about Richie, and Rosy. They are both middle aged in a comfortable life. When suddenly, Richie announces to Rosy, he wants a divorce. Richie, leaves her. One night Rosy in the middle of the night goes for a snack in the kitchen. Who does she find on the kitchen floor? Her husband's body, with a knife in his chest. Rosy runs for the hills to find out who may have killed her soon to be ex. She learns a lot about herself, and things she wishes she did not know about her husband.

I did like reading, and it was fun, but I am not head over heels.  There were some funny parts, and some so funny I found myself cracking up. Rosy was a tough cookie, and I don't think I want to mess with her in a bad mood. 

 This is my first novel written by Ms. Isaac's and I want to read another one by her.  I do think I was not in the greatest frame of mind, while reading. Too many things going on. I want to read her last one, As Husbands Go. 

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