Thursday, November 22, 2012

Midnight in Peking
By Paul French
Review copy from Penguin Publishing

I am posting a bit differently this time.  I did not have access to a computer for six days.  I am afraid I will not give the important details to Midnight in Peking.
Instead, I found a nice review from the Britain newspaper, the Daily Mail

There you will find the synopsis of the book, the details and video from the author describing the murder surrounding Pamela Werner.   I will still give my review. You will find it below. 

Midnight in Peking, is a true account of the murder of young British Woman.  She was found mutilated in Peking China.  What makes this book fascinating, is the background history of China.  What the conditions of Peking was, the seedy part of town.  The cover up of the Chinese government, and the British government.  The men that were involved.  Why was a body mutilated? who did it?

What was a young woman doing in the Fox Tower?  Where was the blood, etc?

My Review:  I liked reading about the culture of China, and the history that was taking place in 1937 surrounding the murder of  Pamela Werner.  The book is still swirling in my head after a week.   The writing is with a journalistic eye, and the writing grabs you from the first page. But after 3/4 of reading the book, it was getting tedious with the father's investigation, and not the detectives.

The investigation became closed after Japanese invaded China.  The father decided to do his own investigation.  What the father comes up with is horrifying.

 The rest of the book was based on theories, not scientific fact.  It was not a open and shut case, just the prostitutes word. How do we know they were telling the truth.  The suspects were never brought in and questioned.  The witnesses did not actually see the murder.  They only heard screaming in the next room.

If you read this leave your comments below, what you thought.

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