Sunday, December 9, 2012

Book Review: Rules of Civility

Rules of Civility
Amor Towles
Nook Edition

Rules of Civility, takes place in 1966, at a art gallery with Kate, and her husband.
Kate recognizes Tinker in a picture.  A old friend that she, and her girlfriend Eve met at a speakeasy in 1939.  Eve is a reckless girl, and falls for Tinker.  She doesn't want to be under her father's thumb.

  She is in a accident, Tinker and Eve go to Europe.  While, Kate stays behind and works as a secretary in a law firm.

I don't want to say anything else because I will be afraid to give it away.

My Review:  I enjoyed reading the novel for the setting of New York City, specifically Manhattan in the late 1930's.

  This is another novel, I did not connect with. I am batting a thousand lately, not my favorite book this year.  Everyone is praising Rules of Civility.  It was ok, but not my favorite.  It is heavy in prose. I did not see what the hoopla is for Mr. Towles style of writing.  I can think of other writers that I enjoy reading better.

This has not been my favorite reading month. Perhaps with what is going on in my life recently. I have been distracted.  Hope to get my teeth into a good book soon.

 I was the one to pick this novel for our book club.  I don't like to pick books that I read before.  But, I am starting to realize that it might be a good idea.

This is the second book  that I chose for the book club that I particularly did not like.  But, who knows it may be a good discussion.  Especially when it deals with class. We are meeting tomorrow at Olive Garden, I will let be writing a post about our meeting in the next day or two.

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