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Opening Ceremony 2012

In tying in with the Olympics, in London. I am reading the novel, Gold by Chris Cleave. Wonderful timing of the novel. I am enjoying reading. He is the author that wrote, Little Bee. You can visit he's website here.  I will be reviewing in a few days.

Before we leave for the games. Let me tell you how spectacular the opening ceremony was.
The culture of the British people shined on them with all the glory and spectacle of the 2012 opening ceremony.

The choreography was done, by Danny Boyle, he did Slum dog Millionaire.  From the history of the industrial revolution, to World War one.

Nurses, and Doctors were honored tonight for their service in health care.   The children asleep in their beds.   The children's  bedtime stories, and the villains in the story

 The children were showcased by nightmares of Harry Potter, and Peter Pan in their sleep.  To James Bond, and Queen Mother Elizabeth, and my favorite comedian, Mr. Bean.  JK Rowling, reading Peter Pan was wonderful.


Perfect Beach Read: Defending Jacob

Defending Jacob
By William Landay

Defending Jacob, is from the author  The Strangler, and Mission Flats. He is a former district attorney in Boston.

Defending Jacob is not your typical court room drama with twists and turns.  Defending Jacob is a bit more than that.

Andy Barber has a stable, and loving family. He is very proud of he's loving wife, and son. He is the assistant district attorney, in Newton Massachusetts.  He is just delving into a case. A local high school student's body is found.  Evidence is brought forth, that it is he's son, Jacob who may be the suspect of the murder. During the investigation, Andy learns that there is a pedophile living in the area. He thinks he is the true murderer

  Andy is accused of disposing evidence of a knife, etc.  He's family life is then put on shaky ground, and tested with his wife and son, Jacob.

Andy, never told Laurie he's past genetic history. The rage, and violence he's father's uncontrollable anger, tha…

Book Club: Lively Conversation Part 2

I decided to split blog posts in parts because it would end up being to lengthy. That would be the indication, what a awesome book discussion we had. I can not talk about every thing in the book because it would become endless.

We discussed the novel, The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. I, and the others have not read anything by this author before. I had said before, I am sure 38th Ave. Diva's would probably, not read this because it would be too literary for them.

 With the book club discussion we had, which was talked about in my previous post. This book was perfect.  I was afraid about the length, I hesitated and dived in. I have never read a book this long before. That is what a book club is for, right? Books we would previously, not read.

We discussed the style of writing the author used. Compared linear narrative, to different voices. We talked about the workshops, that authors attend, who influences them.

  Where some novels, it works, where others that flip back and for…

Book Club : Part 1( administrative)

The Beach Babes Book Babes met yesterday, with five of us. I had said in our previous post, we just started we are fine right now with our small group. But, that said we would still welcome others.

I will say, don't let the name of our group fool you. There was serious discussion going on. From the writing style, down to the characters.

First, we had discussion of feedback about our wonderful speaker that we hosted for our Jewish community, of 15 people. We were happy with the response. We are a small community, and we don't have the resources, and funding to form a large event.

We were happy with the numbers that came.  During Rabbi Debbie's presentation, we had one of our members that was talking so loudly. I was hoping this would stop, but continued for almost the entire presentation.  What is the problem with this woman. I felt like a school marm. I wanted to go back there, and split them up like school kids. I finally said, something. Believe it or not, yes she sto…

Forgotten Garden: One of the Bests

Forgotten Garden
By Kate Morton
My own copy

It is 1913, Australia,  a four year old is found on a wharf. Only a white suitcase and inside a illustrated copy of fairy tales. Where did she come from? How did she get here? Why would a four year old be traveling by herself? Who was she? What happened to the Authoress?  If you want to find out these answers and more, you need to read the novel, The Forgotten Garden. What a wonderful novel it is.

To all my book blog readers, I recommend this novel highly. If you have not read anything this entire year. You must pick this book up. The novel, is old fashioned story telling at its best. There is two quirks I have. One can be remedied with a pad and paper. The other, quirk, nothing can change it, because that is the way the author wrote the novel.

The story is told by three voices, which works with this novel.  Nell, is the foundling, then Cassandra, Nell's grand daughter, and then the story itself. The story unravels, and slowly, it is …

Congrats To The Winners

Congrats to the winners, of Tigers In Red Weather!!

You will enjoy reading this book. Get your  Towel,umbrella, sunscreen, of course Tigers in Red Weather.

Caution, you will loose your self. If you bring your kids, you will have to pinch yourself a few times to remind your self to watch them.

This novel, you do loose yourself.
Thank you Anna for the copies of Tigers in Red Weather, for the winners. She will be contacting you soon.
The Winners are:

                                                               Beth, Melissa, and Chelsea

Tigers in Red Weather: Book Giveaway

I  have been screaming on the roof tops, and beyond how awesome this novel is. On my blog, facebook, twitter, and of course word of mouth to my friends.

  I am suggesting this book for my book club.  You can read my review on the previous post of my blog, below.

Anna, from Little Brown and Co. has allowed me to host a giveaway, Tigers in Red Weather. I have three copies to giveaway. The giveaway starts today until July 17th.

leave a comment, your most memorable beach spot, and why with your email address.

Good luck

Amazing: Tigers in Red Weather

Tigers in Red Weather
By Liza Klaussman

Tiger in Red Weather, takes place in 1945, but then goes along to the 1960's. The story reminds me of the period of The Great Gatsby.

If you like to read stories, of high society, parties, drinking, and clinking glasses, and dinner parties, pretty dresses, and jewels, and jet setters this story is for you.  Reminds me of movies from the 1940's.

 It is the story about two cousins, Helena and Nick. They are privileged high society, young women living with both their parents on Martha's Vineyard at Tiger house.  Until both parents, of Helena and Nick pass away.

Helena is off to California to meet up with her lover to marry in Hollywood.  She seems very dependent on him. He has her boozed up, and taking so many pills she is blinded by him. He wants her to sell her estates in Marha's Vineyard to advance his career. She doesn't see the terrible manipulative man he really is. Eventually, Helena moves back to Tiger House with her …