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Sipping From The Nile: Book Review

Sipping From The Nile
By Jean Naggar

 I was wondering, why would I be interested in a wealthy Egyptian Jewish family? of course, I am Jewish but why else?  There isn't any thing out of the ordinary. There wasn't any abuse, or financial crisis, there isn't any psychological, drug, or alcohol, or rape, incest.

  So, why write this book? Or was it a  legacy to leave for her children. They would be the only ones that would connect to her memoir.  But, once she leaves childhood and grows into the teenage years, and adulthood, you become immersed, and flooded(into the Nile) with emotions especially toward the end.

  Jean Naggar, was raised in a very prestigious, privileged  family, with great wealth. Did you know that the Jewish Egyptian's were the wealthiest people in the middle east( interesting)?
 She comes from a long line of Sephardic Jews from Italy, on one side, and the Middle East on the other. She writes extensively, about both sides of the family. It becomes a bi…

City of Women: Book Review

City of Women
By David R. Gillham

It is Berlin, World War 2, and the men are fighting at the front. You can hear the bombing almost every night. It is cold outside, short supply of coal, everyone is hungry. Almost every night the women huddle in the basements to find safety from the bombs.

Almost every night, Sigrid and the women of the apartment building where she lives, huddle together and talk gossip, and complain, and tell secrets.  Who is your friend, who is the spy, the informant to the Gestapo? Who is going to turn someone in for a ration of bread, a radio? etc.

Sigrid works in the patent office. She is married to Kasper. Kasper, is off to war, like all the rest of the men.  What is left, the women, and children. Sigrid, lives with her mother- in-law, a great hag of the century. She is a embittered woman. All she ever does is complain about anyone, and everyone.
She blames all the faults of the world on to Sigrid.

Sigrid, is having a affair with Ergon.  They meet every night i…

August Book Club Meeting

Our book club, 38th Ave. Diva Readers read, and discussed Flowers in the Blood, by Gay Courter.   You can read my review on my other blog, at .

Originally, I wrote my review on this blog. But, after thinking this through, the book review actually belongs on the Jewish book blog.  I removed the review, and posted it there.

After several years of having our book hosted by different ladies. We finally have a home again, in a new coffee shop, that is in our friend's art gallery. It is a unique gallery, because it is all types of art, not just painting.
 Art is anything you make of it right?  Jewelry, Silk Scarves, Sculptors, anything that can inspire you to create is art. If you live in the Myrtle Beach/ Grand Strand area, you should come on by, to Rita's unique art gallery. It is so nice to be surrounded by culture and art while talking about books.

Rita was so gracious, and welcoming to our book club, as well as her staff. They were…

The Book Goddess discussion: Nancy Pearl

The discussion that Nancy Pearl bring up is very interesting to me. I always wondered, if you liked a certain book, and you wanted the exact same kind of book. How did a librarian, or book seller give you suggestions. Because my thought is, if you tell the librarian, I really enjoyed a certain author, can you recommend another one just like that. How can someone suggest? Just because you like suspense, the person doesn't know what your tastes, and your likes are for reading. Each person has different experiences. One both readers like suspense. But, each one has a different draw or connection. Nancy has the idea of four doors, story, character, place, and language. Which category do you fall into? Myself, I draw into story, and place. This is a very interesting topic. She had made suggestions for a website, where people judge the book and weigh in by the four doors and would be categorized in one place. If you are a reader, and a blogger it is something to think about. The…

Book Review: Gold- Tying in with the Olympics

By Chris Cleave

Gold, Chris Cleave's new novel ties in  with the Olympics in England this year.  The story is about three English athletes, Kate, Zoey, and Jack are cyclists training for the Olympics.

Gold, is not. just about the Olympics. This is a wonderful story of endurance, friendship, and commitment, competitiveness of the game, training, love and family. Only part of the story is the olympics.

In Manchester, England the Olympics are coming up. Tom is the couch, for cycling. He is training, Zoey, and Kate for 2012 Olympics.

Zoey, has some personal demons she can't forget.  A tragedy happened when she was young.   She doesn't have time to think about her past. Until after the last competition. When her past is pushed in front of her mind to recon with.

Kate, forfeited the Olympics at Athens, and then Beijing, and now is competing again at the age of 32. She witnessed her husband's win. Cycling at the Olympics in Athens.  He won the gold, at the podium. On …