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Book Tour: Beautiful Lies

Beautiful Lies
By Clare Clark

I am thrilled and honored to participate in TLC Book Tours for Beautiful Lies. Especially since I loved the novel.  What originally drew me was the mysterious cover, very victorian. Does a book cover ever talk to you?

 This is a different kind of historical fiction. It is  fast pace, and some twists through out.  Beautiful Lies, should have taken me longer to finish because of the length of the book. But, it was such a page turner, and kept me up all hours of the wee night.   It is based on historical figures.

I don't know what to say about Beautiful Lies. It is so vivid, with lots of lies and deceit in Victorian England.  Victorian images in the late 19th century, London playing in my head.    I loved the author's style of writing. Her writing is so poetic. It played like a movie in my head. 
 I could picture Trafalgar Square in London.

There is so much packed in this novel, it goes everywhere. At times I think it just is too much, what was the au…

After All These Years: Oldie But Goodie

After All These Years
By Susan Issacs

I read After All These Years for my book club. We wanted to read something not so serious, we have been reading too much literary fiction and wanted to read something fun. This was a fun, quick read. 

Susan Issac's has been writing these kind of novels for years. There is usually a mystery, a murder involved.  There are a few movies that have been adapted from her book. Do you remember Compromising Postions, with Meredith Griffith, and Sigourney Weaver, to name  one. 

After All These Years,  was written back in the early 1990's, which did not matter, the book I found was timeless.

The story was a about Richie, and Rosy. They are both middle aged in a comfortable life. When suddenly, Richie announces to Rosy, he wants a divorce. Richie, leaves her. One night Rosy in the middle of the night goes for a snack in the kitchen. Who does she find on the kitchen floor? Her husband's body, with a knife in his chest. Rosy runs for the hills to fin…

September's Book Discussion: Little Bee

Our book club, 38th Ave. Diva Readers discussed, Little Bee. I wrote a post on my previous post about my thoughts of Little Bee. I will just say, I loved it.

We again, met at Rita's Art and Soul.  Unfortunately, we will not be meeting there again. We will just try again finding a new home.  For now, we are trying restaurants, not sure if that work, when discussing a book, while eating you tend to stir off the subject a bit. Will just have to see what happens.

It seems like I was the only person that loved Little Bee. This book had everything I like to read. Something I don't know anything about, wanting to know about the African culture.

For the first time, we actually had a heated discussion. Someone said who cares about Africa. We should care about us, as Jews in England. First off, we are American. Yes, I do care about what happened. But, I don't live in England. I am not sure why we even had that conversation. Unless, she was comparing Jews in England to illegals i…

WOW!!! Little Bee: Loved it

Little Bee
By Chris Cleave

Little Bee, I can't divulge the story, as the publishers don't want you to divulge too much. This book is a gem. But, I will eventually tell you.....

It is the story of two women, who meet one fateful day in Nigeria on the beach. One is a white successful woman on vacation with her husband. Other young woman, is  Little Bee, and her sister are escaping the militants from her village, they saw them massacred their entire village.  These two women's lives collide and will never be the same.  Two years later, Little Bee has journeyed from Africa and is put in a detention center, in England.  She is allowed one phone call, and she knows no one except for Sarah. Two years ago, she found Sarah's husband's driver's license on the beach and kept it.

I received Little Bee, a couple of years ago. I finally had a good excuse to read the novel, our book club was discussing it for this month. I have been wanted to read this for awhile, but I cou…