Wednesday, January 9, 2013

TLC Book Tour: Unmarked Grave

An Unmarked Grave
By Charles Todd

Bess Crawford is up to her neck in surgeries, illnesses, and death.  She has seen many since working at the front in France during WW1.

When she and another officer come upon a body of a officer. Something doesn't look right to her.  But, she doesn't have the time to investigate further.  She becomes ill with the Spanish Flu.  

 She is recuperating back in England, at her parents home. when she realizes what she witnessed.  The officer that was killed by gunshot was actually a acquaintance of her father.   The officer served in her father's regimen.  

 The officer that accompanied, and witnessed the body with her in the tent  is found dead. Suspossely from suicide.  It doesn't make sense to Bess. Bess, knew him and he would not commit suicide and leave he's wife and child alone.  The talk was, he committed suicide because he was afraid he would succumb to the flu and die. 

Bess realizes the officer that they both found did not die from bullet wound, or disease.  But, was actually murdered, but why?  The officer that committed suicide.  It did not make sense either.  It just did not add up.    Something doesn't seem right. Between the dead officer, and the officer that witnessed the body. 

Then another body, this time a fellow nurse that she worked side by side with.   It just doesn't add up to Bess.  Bess does her own investigative work.

Then the killer is after her father, but WHY?  You will just have to read the rest of the mystery to figure it out yourself. 

My Review:  I haven't read a good mystery or suspense in years.  I am in need of a rest of literary fiction. I decided to try  a mystery.  I am glad I did.  This novel intrigued me, because it is a mystery, and also had a element of historical fiction.   I enjoy reading books that take place in the early 20th century, during WW1.

I thought I had it all figured out, then something else happened.  Unmarked Grave kept my interest the entire time.  The only thing, I need to keep pen and paper by my side to keep things straight. Other than that I enjoyed reading. 

I enjoyed reading the novel. I felt like I was actually in England. Between the battle front of France, and at Bess's family home in England. I just loved reading. I can't wait to read the others.  

I plan to load the rest of the mystery series on my nook.

FYI, if you are interested you can also add a few previous mysteries of the  Charles Todd team to your ereader devices. They are on sale for a reduced price on Amazon and BN.  I am sure you can also find the same on google store.

Charles Todd are a mystery team by mother and son. They both reside in the United States.  You can visit their website here.



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trish said...

I'm glad you liked it! I agree that it's nice to take a break from literary fiction, and mysteries are my go-to for that as well. :)

Thanks for being on the tour!

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