Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TLC Book Tours: The God Daughter

                                                      The God Daughter
                                                          By Melody Campbell

Gina Gallo, can't get away from her connection of the mafia. She works in the family jewelry store, where she is a gemologist.  She tries very hard to hide the connection. But, when a incident happens she has no choice, but to tell her boyfriend, Pete the truth.  This is when the story gets interesting.

The story is a map cap ride, starting at the airport. She takes off her high heels. She is distracted just for a second, and the shoes disappear. You are probably asking what is the big deal about her classy, red shoes.  Well, it is a big deal when her family has hidden jewels in the shoes. 

Someone has taken off with her shoes. When she realizes what happens. She tracks down the person.  The story is a mad cap ride from beginning to end.  It is so funny, I couldn't stop laughing so bad, I would have wet my pants.

Unfortunately, I read God Daughter about a month ago. My memory is a bit fuzzy. But, like I said, I just loved this funny, short tiny novel. This was a fun ride with lots of laughs and adventure and suspense.  If you like chick lit, but even if you don't if you are looking for a book to escape and get away from it all.  To read something different. You will enjoy reading.

Because, this is not my usually kind of book. I wanted to read something different, light hearted and just to escape. Then you will enjoy reading. I hope you writes more novels( novella), about Gina.

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Melodie Campbell said...

Thank you so much for this delightful review! I am so pleased you enjoyed THE GODDAUGHTER. And - would you believe it - I just signed the contract for THE GODDAUGHTER'S REVENGE yesterday! It should be out in the fall.

So Gina and the gang will be back with another zany adventure.
Many thanks again for this review. It has made my day. No, week.

Carolina Gal's Literary Cafe said...

If you would like me to review your next one, it will be a pleasure. Love your writing style.