Thursday, April 4, 2013

Learning New Technology, LOL!!!

I have finally come to the new age. I did not think I would ever convert to the new technology. As my son says, Oh, Mom Come on now.  "You need to learn to text."

About two months ago, I finally broke down.  I learned to text.
  To really put me over the age. When I traveled to Greenville, SC. I lost my phone. I am a employee of Walmart.  I saw that Family Mobile had a great deal for Walmart employees, compared to Straight Talk.  When, I was in Greenville, South Carolina. I lost my phone.  I was not about to travel back home, four hours without a phone.  I went to Walmart, thinking I would replace my phone. Instead I decided to sign up with Walmart's plan. It costs me less, with a data plan, and texting included. This was less money than Straight Talk.

I have now come to the new age.  You would think someone that has a book blog would already know these details. But, no I don't.But, when my other job, told me that I need to learn text. I decided to break down.  I have come a long way baby!! I know, just learned to use the camera, and posted my pix on my facebook page.  I am on top of the world. I felt like I was out of the loop.  The picture above, is my first pix,on my fb page.  I am on top of the world right now.

My next feat is to learn about Twitter. I don't understand how it works. I have a account. But, what gets me, is that I arrive in the middle of the conversation and don't know how to get in on the conversation.  Is it because I need to be using my phone rather than my computer to talk? I don't know. We will have to see if I can figure out my next project. 

I am so honored that Chris Bohjalian used my picture to promote his newest novel, The Light of the Ruins. . It won't be out till April.  But, I just received my galley copy of his new book.  Love the cover, and goes well with my kitchen decor, don't you think??  You can see the picture above.

One thing I am wondering if he is going through a mid life crisis?? LOL!! He had delved for years, as the king of, what I call social commentary.  He recently switched to horror, and now to historical fiction.  I think your fans can take the changes of your genre to something else. What's next, fantasy???


bermudaonion said...

We learned to text when our son was in college - it's about the only way he communicated with us back then.

Lorri said...

Welcome to the new age! Your new-found knowledge will come in handy.