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I Don't Read Romance: Review Alert

Sweet Salt Air
By Barbara Delinsky

My own copy ebook.

I love the title Sweet Salt Air. When I was younger and I visited my grandparents summer home, in Nantasket Beach, in Mass, I remember the smell of the salt air.  It had a distinct smell, and taste that would get under your tongue.

 The novel brings back memories of the beach. What wonderful memories.  The sight, sound and smells of the ocean. The culture of the area, the foods, the people that lived there.

 My grandparents bought their summer home with my uncle. They bought a parcel of land, and built two homes one was my uncle, and the other was my grandparents.  They built their property back in the 1930's.  The homes were built was wrap a wrap around porch, and shutters, and the squeaky screen doors, and the green rocking chair.  There was a daven my grandfather used to take a nap and read each day in the afternoon.

The home had no basement, their wasn't any heat or air conditioning. There was a toilet, and a claw tub on the 2nd floor. The locks were skeleton keys.  There was a attic, and you found so many odds and ends there.  The kitchen had the old kitchen stove, and refrigerator that you had to defrost.  I still remember when my grandfather would go fishing with his friends.  The smell was horrible with the fresh fish.  But, the fish was so good. This gives you a feel of the summer home.

This was the time when people had summer home, and a winter home, and a fall home.  When I was little and I stayed for the summers, there were some families that lived here all year round. There was a candy store that children came to visit, there was the amusement park, Paragon Park. Unfortunately, it is no longer there.  Such memories.

Let me get on with my review instead of reminiscing.

Sweet Salt Air, is Barbara Delinksky latest novel. One of our members wanted us to read Sweet Salt Air. She won copies for her other book club. This is not my normal genre that I read.  But, if someone wants to suggest something, I say why not.  But, I will only do so many books that are not geared to the book club.

I have never read her novels before. I occasionally read fluff books, like Erin Hilderbrand, and Mary Kay Andrews, and Dorthea Benton Frank. I enjoy reading those books. They are alot of fun. But, I never read Barbara Delinsky.

I am going to try to be fair, but this is not my usually genre. I read literary fiction. I DON'T READ ROMANCE!!! I don't like steamy sex scenes. If you are a lover of romance novels, and love Delinksky's novels, don't go any further.
There is a time and a place for these kind of books. But, not my cup of tea.  I only read it because of our book club. I am sorry but I am a literary snob.   We have never read these kind of books in our club. You can't have a discussion in romance.  But, this novel there is certain things that can be discussed as a jumping off point.

I am going to be objective the best I can. I think if you like romance she is a good writer. Her writing flowed with the story. I liked the premise of the book.  It did have some meat, it was the topic of MS, and stem cells.  So that did interest me.  BUT, I DON'T LIKE ROMANCE.

This is the story of Charlotte,and Nicole they have been friends since high school.  Nicole is engaged and one night Charlotte and Julian have a one night stand.  Charlotte gets pregnant, has a baby.  Charlotte is a independent single woman. She is a travel writer.Charlotte keeps her distance for over ten years from them.

 Nicole is  a food blogger, and the blog is so successful she decides why not write a cook book from the favorite recipes of Quinnipeague, Maine. She asks Charlotte to help her.  In the meantime her husband and her have been keeping a secret from everyone.   Julian, is a doctor and doesn't want anyone to find out.
But, when Charlotte finds out that Julian is ill.  She lets the cat out of the bag.  When she had the baby she kept the cord blood for in case.  Charlotte realizes she has to tell.  This stop the progression of the disease.

There is alot to discuss when it comes to MS, and Stem Cells, and the research.  But, not my cup of tea. I wish there were recipe in the book.

 I could vision myself at a restaurant on the ocean eating Clam Chowder with our book club. I live close to the beach.   Too bad our book club did not think about going out to lunch at one of our local fish restaurants.  on the beach. But, because it is tourist season it may not have worked out too well.

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