Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year: Looking Forward to Year's Planning

I would like to wish every one Happy New Year. I hope 2014 brings you joy in your life, and happiness.  That is what I am hoping for. This has been a very hard year for me. But, I am optimistic that it will be a better year.  I start a new semester Jan. 13th and looking forward to finally starting the Medical Coding program.

Talking about my book blog I finally made some changes to my book blog. I cleaned up and deleted many book blogs I follow that I don't visit much. Or that have not posted in over one year.  I am proud of myself that I finally cleaned it up. A few years ago, I had a problem with my book blog.  But, I think when blogger updated and made some changes that fixed the problem.

I am happy to say I am working with  a blog/web designer to redesign my book blog. I have wanted to do this for years.  Finally I took the plunge.  But the poor girl, didn't realize what she was getting herself into.  She was most likely thinking she would be done with me two weeks ago. But, unfortunately, it has stretched longer.  I wanted a dreamy whimsical look.  Saw one I liked and the designer that does scrap books is no longer doing this.  I had to find someone else.

Finally found another scrap book design I loved.  My book blog designer came up with a beautiful concept but, I liked everything except one thing. I like things with costume and lots of detail. with bold colors, etc. Everything was wonderful up to a point.  The Vector that she chose was too long legged, and thin. I am looking for something that is more bold and definitive design.

The designer, knew I love the Jazz age. There was just something I just did not like about the vector in the picture. Perhaps because you can't see her face.

I know it is a bit soon. But, I would like to share with you the start of the new look.  It is beautiful.

Now on to 2014. These are the things I am looking forward to:

I am still not going to be reading alot because of school, and work.  But, I am going to try to read more books that I wanted to get to last year.  Burial Rites by Hannah Kent is on the top of my list. 

The Jewish Grand Strand Reads is my baby project that I started a few years ago.  This is the first year that I went to all the temples, and organizations, and they love the concept and idea.  They have the community read all over the country. But, not in the south, and not especially in the small coastal town.  Each year my pet project has gotten bigger and better. But now that it is gotten into the hands of other people, it has runaway from me. I knew this would happen. I accept it. I have wanted this to be a project to build on the Jewish community in Myrtle Beach. Some of the organizations love the project.  But one organization feels threatened, and has decided after almost three months of putting it together to abandon the project.  That is O.K., because it is going to happen with, or without them.
It is too bad that one person can make the decision for one organization.

I am very much excited about this project, the book we chose is The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker. If you have not read it yet, you should. It just came out in paper back today. There is so much to discuss, and many themes.

Rabbi Debbie is our guest speaker.   She doesn't have a Bimah, instead she is the prestigious Religious Studies Professor at Coastal Carolina University. She and I are both book nerds and love to talk about books and spread the word. I came up with the concept a few years ago, and it has been getting better each year.  She is passionate about books, and novels especially like myself.

My favorite time has been connecting with the publisher of Harper Collins and talking to them and planning events and sharing what I am doing with the book. Because the community read, you can plan other events leading up to the read, with different themes of the book.

I am so looking forward to Skyping with Helene Wecker in February. That is going to be so exciting.

I have had in the past only, me, myself, and I, organizing the project. I did not have to answer to anyone.   Last year, when I had more people attend. It was decided that the other organizations would love to support and make this a reality.

 I have had many helpers to help organize this.  Kat Kahn from Temple Emanu-El,  and Carrol Sallas, and Marian Cohen, from Temple Beth Elohim of Georgetown, and Hadassah Carolina Mizrah,  has helped organize the project with the restuarant and publicity.  There have been mistakes along the way, and changes that will be made along the way.  You learn from your mistakes what works, and what doesn't. My biggest help has been from Jesse, our Rabbi Avi's Secretary, and Richard, from Temple Beth Elohim. They both helped with publicity from the respective temples.. She has helped me make a logo for our event.  She helped me with the flyer, and will be helping send out another flyer for the choices of the menu.  All before she goes away at the end of January, so time is going to make it, or break it.


The biggest hassle has been the restaurant. At first they were willing to give us a fixed price. Now, they don't want to work with us. We may have to change the venue. We still are able to make changes. We are lucky, we have two more weeks to find another place. Or stay where we are.  Hopefully by then. I can report back that it was a success. We have till Jan 30th to make changes.

If you would like to start a project like this, and don't know how. You can contact me and I will lead you in the right direction.

So don't you think I have enough on my plate, but loving this projects since I have the passion for the written word and sharing it.

One other thing that I added to my plate: I have been elected and selected to V.P. for Education in Hadassah.  I need to come up with two education events this coming year. I would say that is enough for now.  I hope I can come back next year with lots of successes.

How about you? What are you looking forward to?

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bermudaonion said...

Happy New Year!

Susan Curtis said...

Happy New Year Kathy!

Patricia barrett said...


There are three of us who are very interested in participating in your book club reads. We found out about you from OLLI and want to know more about your events leading up to the March 2 discussion about the Helen Wecker book. Please let me know when you all meet and where.

Patricia Barrett (pabbjbla@yahoo.com)
323 496 2688