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TLC Book Tours: The God Daughter

The God Daughter
                                                          By Melody Campbell

Gina Gallo, can't get away from her connection of the mafia. She works in the family jewelry store, where she is a gemologist.  She tries very hard to hide the connection. But, when a incident happens she has no choice, but to tell her boyfriend, Pete the truth.  This is when the story gets interesting.

The story is a map cap ride, starting at the airport. She takes off her high heels. She is distracted just for a second, and the shoes disappear. You are probably asking what is the big deal about her classy, red shoes.  Well, it is a big deal when her family has hidden jewels in the shoes. 

Someone has taken off with her shoes. When she realizes what happens. She tracks down the person.  The story is a mad cap ride from beginning to end.  It is so funny, I couldn't stop laughing so bad, I would have wet my pants.

Unfortunately, I read God Daughter about a month ago. My memory is a bit f…

TLC Book Tour: Unmarked Grave

An Unmarked Grave
By Charles Todd

Bess Crawford is up to her neck in surgeries, illnesses, and death.  She has seen many since working at the front in France during WW1.

When she and another officer come upon a body of a officer. Something doesn't look right to her.  But, she doesn't have the time to investigate further.  She becomes ill with the Spanish Flu.  

 She is recuperating back in England, at her parents home. when she realizes what she witnessed.  The officer that was killed by gunshot was actually a acquaintance of her father.   The officer served in her father's regimen.  

 The officer that accompanied, and witnessed the body with her in the tent  is found dead. Suspossely from suicide.  It doesn't make sense to Bess. Bess, knew him and he would not commit suicide and leave he's wife and child alone.  The talk was, he committed suicide because he was afraid he would succumb to the flu and die. 

Bess realizes the officer that they both found did not die fro…

Unbroken: Book Review

Unbroken By Laura Hilderbrand
Unbroken took me a long while to finally review. I would like to thank the publicist of Random House for a review copy.  But, also for donating a copy for our temple, Temple Emanu-El, silent auction.

 Louis Zamperini is from a close Italian family.  The family for health reasons moved from New York to California.  Since the age of 5, he has challenged family, and authorities.  He would be caught smoking cigarettes, drinking at age 8,  He was untamable, out of control.
But, he's brother Pete was the total opposite. He was trust worthy, with good manners. Where Pete did things but was never caught where Louis was always caught.
Louis, would steal food  from neighbor's windows, damaging property, police were at the Zamperini's door step every day, this was a frequent stop for the police.
He's parent's especially his mother would get other's to snich on her son. She would feed them and his friends would tell her what Louis planned to…

The Best Book Pix of 2012

FeedBlitz By AuthorYoung Adult»ContemporaryDystopianFantasyHistorical FictionMysteryParanormalAdult Fiction»ContemporaryDystopianHistorical FictionMysteryMiddle GradeNon-Fiction»MemoirTravelogue Wedding WednesdayCatalog Creepin’Retail TherapyEnd of Year Book SurveyMonthly RewindMy Bookish CalendarLook How PinterestingThumbs Up Thumbs DownOf Literature and Locations Can't believe it is that time of year already.  Where did the time go.  I am happy to say I reached my goal, and even did a tad better a second time.  My goal of books this year was forty, I went over and beyond to 51 books.  That is basically a book a week.  But, I know there were times I read more than 50 a week.  But, sometimes life gets in the way. Review PolicyPrivacy Policy Most of you know I have two book blogs, a Jewish literary, and secular literary blog.  What I am going to do, is list all the books on both blogs and then break it down to best of literary, best of Jewish literary etc. I read all kind of books, but…