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7th B-day Book Club Celebration

Our book club has been around for seven years. We have changed with different people coming and going. We started with four people and then have blossomed to thirteen people.

Usually most people have a party after five or ten years. Well, one of the book club sites I am happy to say. I never win anything. Our book club won a gift certificate for personalized book marks. Then, because I receive many books from authors and publicists this would make a nice favor for the book club.

Here was the plan to discuss the book, The Healing by Jonathan O'Dell.  By the way what a great choice. The book is terrific to discuss.  This made it even better for this month's book club. Only thing, do you think we discussed the book?? not really. We were gabbing more, and catching up than anything else.

We did discuss the book, but not in great length. It was a discussion on how blacks are treated and  the book club members take on their experiences during the civil rights movement.  But, that …

The Healing: Book Review

The Healing
By Jonathan O'Dell

It is Mississippi, 1847 before the Civil War on the Satterfield plantation.   Amanda Satterfield is taken by grief. Her daughter, Becky dies of cholera.   Mrs. Satterfield wants one of the slave children, Granada to replace her own daughter.  Granada is taken away from her mother.  Her parents are taken from the big house and made to work in the fields of the plantation.

Amanda  has her stay at the main house, and dresses her like a play thing to show her off.  She dresses her with the clothes of her dead daughter.  She changes her name to Granada, and changes her ways, and culture of a white person.

After the death of her daughter, Amanda doesn't seem right in the head. Something seems to be off. a bit.
She still has her young son, and she has taken a pet  monkey into her care.

 Then out of the blue, the master brings home Polly.  Polly arrives with feathers in her hair, and strange necklaces around her neck.  Polly is very independent, and h…

Publicist and Authors are Wonderful

I started this blog about, I gosh I don't know, maybe about 5 years ago. I started this book blog to let my book club know what is going on. But, what transpired is a wonderful experience with authors, and publicists that I am in touch with.

I don't blog like others, reaching out to the community of book bloggers. I wish I could but, I don't have the time.  But, I do have a small following of book lovers in the community. I don't get alot of comments, but there is still a following.
I blog for my enjoyment. If I get a comment or two every so often I am happy. What does get me excited more than anything, when authors visit my blog and left comments. That is excited to me. Instead of big hollywood names, I am more excited about authors. They are my movie stars!!!

 I have met some wonderful authors, and publicists a long the way.  Every year I contact authors and publicists to ask them if they would like to donate books for our temple's dinner/dance silent auction. E…

Jane Eyre: Book Club Meeting

We had our book club meeting a couple of weeks ago. I did not have time to post till now.  I had invited my friend, Dan Ennis from Coastal Carolina University to our book club. We decided to make it a pot luck lunch with a tea. 
How did it turn out you ask? I have received so many compliments after the book club.  I was pleased everyone enjoyed themselves.  Where do you hear that people enjoy themselves at a book club??? LOL!!!
Did I feel good after!
It was a wonderful, the discussion was lively with lots to talk about. We learned so much about Charlotte Bronte and her family. Can you imagine living with a entire family of literate's. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall.  Everyone critiquing each others work. 
The other things we discussed, is that Jane Eyre was written as a autobiography. There is so much in Jane Eyre that was connected with Charlotte, and her family. 
In the time when Jane Eyre was written writer's were just starting to write novels as we know it. Mo…

Jane Eyre: Book Review

Jane Eyre
By Charlotte Bronte

I recommended Jane Eyre for our book club last month. I am posting a bit late.  There is going to be two posts. One is the review of my thoughts on Jane Eyre, the other is our book club meeting.

Jane Eyre, is a small child, her parents died and she is cared for her aunt and her uncle. Unfortunately for Jane, her uncle has passed, and her aunt takes charge of her.  Her aunt treats her terribly, and well as her three cousins.

There is one event that she and her cousin had a argument. The argument was about books. She was told she is not allowed to touch them.  The fight turns into a battle of wits. In the end her cousin wins and her aunt punishes her by putting her in the Red Room. This is one room Jane is frightened of.  While in the room, she feels the presence of her uncle. She is so frightened and starts screaming but no one lets her out.

After this happens her mother has a conversation with the apothecary. She advises her aunt to send Jane away to a s…