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The Lost Wife: Book Review

The Lost Wife
By Alyson Richman

How would you feel finding your Bashert after 60 years??  Is this  G-ds will, or fate, or luck?

You go to your grandson's wedding. You see someone that looks familiar to you. Those eyes.... You will never forget those eyes, no matter how long it has been.

The Lost Wife, is not a typical holocaust novel.  It doesn't dig deep into the horror of the Jews, and the concentration camps, like the other literary novels do.  I would call this a light read, maybe even a romance novel.  But, that said, I enjoyed reading, Lost Wife anyway.

Spoiler Alert==============================Spoiler Alert======================
 Lenka and Josef are sweethearts.  But, then WW2 erupts and everything changes.  Lenka and Josef are separated

 Lenka is rounded up with her parents and her sister to be transported to Terezin.

Terezin, is the camp where many artists had shared their horrors with the world with their art, during and after the war.  Some of the art work was b…

Cover of Snow: Book Review

Cover of Snow
By Jenny Milchman

Up in the Adirondacks, is a happily married couple. At least that is what Nora thinks about her husband, a police officer. Until one day she wakes up and finds her husband dead of a apparent suicide. But there is more to the suicide than you suspect as you continue to read Jenny Milchman's novel.

I read Cover of Snow, a couple of weeks ago. My memory is a bit fussy on detail. So instead I am giving you a short review, and what I thought. 

Cover of Snow is full of twists and turns, and suspense once you get into the novel. I had a hard time delving into Cover of Snow.  Once I got past the first 100 pages the novel, became interesting.  There were characters I cared about, and others I did not care about. There were times the story started to drag. But, then once Nora started investigating on her own, the book came to life.

I don't usually read mysteries, but I wanted a change. I am glad that Jenny allowed me to read the novel, Cover of Snow.


Learning New Technology, LOL!!!

I have finally come to the new age. I did not think I would ever convert to the new technology. As my son says, Oh, Mom Come on now.  "You need to learn to text."

About two months ago, I finally broke down.  I learned to text.
  To really put me over the age. When I traveled to Greenville, SC. I lost my phone. I am a employee of Walmart.  I saw that Family Mobile had a great deal for Walmart employees, compared to Straight Talk.  When, I was in Greenville, South Carolina. I lost my phone.  I was not about to travel back home, four hours without a phone.  I went to Walmart, thinking I would replace my phone. Instead I decided to sign up with Walmart's plan. It costs me less, with a data plan, and texting included. This was less money than Straight Talk.

I have now come to the new age.  You would think someone that has a book blog would already know these details. But, no I don't.But, when my other job, told me that I need to learn text. I decided to break down.  I ha…