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The Butler: Movie

I don't usually post my movie reviews. But, when a movie hits me, and I think it is worth spreading the word about, I post my thoughts.

I am a history buff, even though this is recent history mainly set in the 1950's and 1960's during the radical 60's.

This is a part of history when I was young, I used to say, who cares about that time. I was a young girl and thought so what.  But, now I realize this was a interesting time.   I do wish I was a teenager during these times to enjoy, and understanding the radical 60's.  But I was not a teenager, but younger.  It was also a scary time for change, especially for Black America.

I never really understood what Black America went through until I saw this powerful movie.  I now understand what was different from this movie, than other Afro American movies.  This is the first hand story of the Civil Rights movement from the Black African perspective.

I think it is time that we finally start talking about it.  It is a part …

Visit with Helene Wecker

Finally it's here my interview with Helene, the author of The Golem and the Jenni.  If you have not heard of her, you must have had your head in the sand literally. I can't believe being a debut author this is her first novel. Where has she been?

After reading her fabulous novel. I have not read anything that lives up to anything else.  Lush in history and description of character, place, and time.  It is a tour of nostalgic turn of the century New York City, circa 1899.  You can read my review here.

 Hi, Helene thank you for taking the time to visit me at Susan's Literary Cafe.  Welcome!!!

First I would like to tell you Helene, you have become my favorite author of all time.  Your novel speaks volumes to me.  It has all the elements, of historical fiction, magical realism, romance, storytelling, suspense, and so much more.  The best part, because I am a transplant from the north, you bring New York City to life.  It is more thing that I miss living in South…

Didn't Expect a Great Read: Winter Garden

Winter Garden
By Kristin Hannah

My copy by Nook

I was expecting another romance novel.  I have never read Kristen Hannah before. The reason I picked this up was for the book club discussion today.  Actually the book was chosen by accident.  I am glad it was. I was not expecting such a awesome novel.  I expected a another romance novel.

It is the story of Meredith, and Nina. Meredith is the homebody and responsible one. She stays home to take of the house, and children and family, and  family orchard business in Washington State. Where Nina, has a boyfriend, Daniel. She is a photojournalist, and is traveling all over the world.

 But, then their father becomes ill. He asks each one of them to promise to listen to the fairy tale. You see when they were younger they were told the story but never the entire Russian fairytale.  This is the only connection the mother has with her daughter. Their mother is very cold and disapproving.   Her mother Anya is a very cold and disapproving.  Her d…