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Line Up: Book Blog Tour

Line Up
By Llad Shoham

Today, I have been invited to participate in the TLC Book Tour of, Line Up.  I would like to thank TLC Book Tours asking me to participate.  You can visit the other stops atTLC Book Tourssite, and a special treat, a interview atCBS Newswith the author, Llad Shoham. .  This is the first time I am reading a novel that takes place in Israel. I have always been told to stay away from books from Israeli author's because of the translation.  Too many strange names, and places.  Even though I know a little hebrew, I have always been put off.
Either, they never heard of this author before, Liad Shoham, or we were told wrong. Because Line Up, is terrific. It gets you at the first sentence and grabs you, and it doesn't let you go.
I don't know much what comes out of Israel. But, what I do know it is used to be there was limited books translated to English. But, now it seems that there are more authors able to be translated and read by English speaking language.