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Snow In August: Wondeful Read

Snow in August
By Pete Hamill

This book is not written by a Jewish author, which makes this even more wonderful to read. I am not starting a debate what makes a book Jewish or not?  I am posting it because it is about a Catholic boy, and how he connects with a Rabbi.  
This is the third time reading. Because of our community read, The Golem and the Jinni; we decided to pick this one. Pete Hamill's story is wonderful. 

Michael, Irish Catholic 10 year old. Living in Brooklyn in the 1940's. Michael is a average kid, there isn't any TV. Instead,Michael likes to go to the local movie theatre where he's mom works-with his friends. He also enjoys reading comic books- Superman. 

Michael, and his Brooklyn friends are threatened by the gang, The Falcons. I should say the entire neighborhood is afraid of this thug. Michael just happens to be in Mr. G's store ( Mr. G is Jewish)at the wrong time. Mr. G sticks up for Michael. The thug( can't remember his name), beats up Mr. G pre…

Culinary History of the Grand Strand: Book Review of Local Author

When you think of Myrtle Beach, what do you think of first?  Sun, Surf, and good times, right? There is more behind the scenes of Myrtle Beach.  There is a rich history, actually Culinary history that most of us are not aware of.

With all the restuarants on the Grand Strand over 1000. That is at least is what is stated, in the Culianary History of Myrtle Beach, and the Grand Strand. It is written by a local author, Becky Billingsley.

 Becky, Billingsley has lived in this area for over 15 years. She is a food critic, and also manages a website called  This is where I knew of Becky through the website.  When I learned she just wrote a book. I had to ask if she would allow me to review her book.  I don't usually review books that are non-fiction about food. But, because she is a local author I wanted to help spread the word about her terrific book.  It is full of old time remedies, recipes, and stories about growing up in the south, particularly the Grand …

Book Review: Richest Woman in America

"After your business is over you may take your colleague to dinner and the theater, or allow him to take you, but wait until the transaction has been closed and the money paid."

These are the words of Hetty Green, the Richest woman in the world.

I bought this book on recommendation of a literary event I went to last year. I am a history buff, and thought this would be a interesting read. I never heard about Hetty Green.

  I was disappointed. I expected to learn about her personal side.  I got a feeling that the author could not get into her head, and she did not understand Hetty. 

This book is non-fiction about the life of Hetty Green. The richest woman in America. She lived during the Gilded Age. Hetty Green was born in New Bedford, Mass, in a whaling town. Her family were from the Quaker faith, and very wealthy. Her father was a financier,dabbled in everything to make money. 

She did not have a good upbringing as a child.  Her father ruled the roost, and kept a upper hand wit…