Thursday, April 10, 2014

Invisible Wall: Book Review

Invisible Wall
By Harry Bernstein

Invisible Wall was a fast read for me. We read it for our book club. One of our member's husband was born, and raised outside London. He had visited  our book club to discuss his own experience. 

This truly was a wonderful book. It reminded me of Angela's Ashes, Jewish Style. He mom was the caregiver while the father was a tailor. He left the house every night and got drunk. He did not seem to care about his family. His parent's married him off and runaway to America after he was married. In Manchester where he was raised. There was a Invisible Wall between the Christian, and Jew. 

When he got older his sister married a non-Jew. His mom disowned her for quite some time, but eventually they came around after the baby was born. The two sides the Christian and Jew celebrated the birth. Had a large celebration and forgot about the resentment of Jew against Christian, the wall started to fall down. 

After a few years Harry moved with his family to America. The wrote the book after the death of his wife. It is a interesting story of being Jewish in England.   He wrote two other books before his death about his experiences, this is his memoir and his legacy he left behind. 

I recommend reading this. photo POSTSIG_zpsbfb68bd5.png

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