Jewish Grand Strand Reads 2014

It has taken me a while to post about our Jewish community Read. I knew it would be a while, but I did not think this long to digest, and evaluate our wonderful event.  One reason I did not post yet was because I was not well leading up to the event, and after. Doesn't it figure, it catches up to you eventually between, school, work, and the event.

Anyway, this is what I have to tell you it was wonderful, and it was a great success! When do you call a event a success or a failure?? I call it a success when last year, we had 28 in attendance. Now, we had 47. We had to turn people away.  Wow! we have to pat ourselves on the back!! Thanks to my other co-conspirators, Marian Cohen, Kat Kahn, and Donna Llewylln.  Thanks to them while I was in school, they were helping out on the sidelines.  We were even able to get on a community TV station, thanks to Donna.

Beside our wonderful event on March 2nd. We had a lovely time talking to Helene Wecker on SKYPE. The author of, The Golem and the Jinni.

WHAT A WONDERFUL READ! She was so, down to earth and very easy to talk to. We were able to chat with her for over an hour.  She is wonderful.  We also saw the original Golem movie( silent film), and some other events. I am not going to talk about the book again, since I have done that several posts. But, if you have never read the book, I suggest that you read it.

I was unable to appreciate the event in March because I was sick. Oh well, hopefully next year. We had a wonderful cake made just for the book celebration, The Golem and the Jinni.  Thank you Kat for getting the cake, it was wonderful.

Rabbi Debbie was a wonderful guest speaker I was told. I don't know what she talked about. I am sure the Golem of course.  The staff of the restaurant was wonderful.

A new thing I added this year was books were donated by publishers and were showcased to the audience. Then they were given away as prizes. Some of the authors were well known, where others were debut authors.  My greatest gift was Sue Monk Kidd's novel, Invention of Wings, it was autographed.  One of my favorite people won the book. I was thrilled.

As I close this post I have  to thank one person that went over and beyond what she is expected to do. Is our Rabbi's secretary, Jesse. She is wonderful, helping me with the flyer. We had a couple glitches, but it was fixed and not noticeable.  Also Kat, is the best she made a spread sheet and could calculate in advance.

This was the first time the Jewish Grand Strand Reads was supported by the Jewish community. I am very pleased with the turn out.  As closing this post I will add pictures at the bottom.

Now on to bigger, and better things. I have already started thinking about next year's book. We will be meeting this coming Monday to talk about what we plan to do next year. I have another event planned for June. It is called, Literary Girl's Night Out. We again invited, Rabbi Debbie to discuss the novel, Sinners and the Sea by Rebecca Kanner. What great timing, with the movie, Noah coming out.

Until March, any book recommendations. Let us know. If you would like to organize your own community read you can contact me.  If you think it can't be done, you are wrong.  Just start small for the first time, and they will come.

Rabbi Debbie, Susan Curtis, Carrol Sallas, Kat Kahn, Marian Cohen, and Donna Llewllyn

The organizers

The Jewish Grand Strand Read would not have been possible without Heather Drucker from Harper Collins. I would like to personally thank her, for her help and arranging the SKYPE conversation with Helene.  If you ever want help arranging a community read she is the best. Helene, and Heather know how special this project was for me. What made it very special was the book itself. It made it even sweeter. The Golem and the Jinni is a very special book. A book I don't think will top anything in my lifetime.   It is going to be difficult to find a book for next year. But, we will try. I already have books lined up to judge for the summer for our selection committee.

When you have the passion and drive it of course will be a success.  I want to thank everyone this year for the support you gave for the Jewish Grand Strand Reads.   See you next year.
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