Monday, June 9, 2014

Bintel Brief: Review

Bintel Brief
By Liana Finck
Harper Collins

This is a love letter to the Bintel Brief. The Bintel Brief was part of the Yiddish newspaper called , The  Forward. The Bintel Brief was written by the editor, Abraham Cahan. He was the editor and creator of the Bintel Brief.  They were letters written to the editor.  They were letters asking for advice( Dear Abbey). 

Bintel Brief was a popular column in the Yiddish newspaper,  The Forward. It was  read by many Jews in New York.  I learned about the Bintel Brief years ago. It was a popular Jewish newspaper read by many Jews.  The Forward still exists today. The advice column was started by Abraham Cahan, editor and creator. 

I have wanted to read a graphic novel for a few years. To get out of my comfort zone. This one was the first novel that caught my eye. I am very happy that I found this gem of a book. Finally, when I saw Bintel Brief, I knew I had to read it.  I enjoyed reading it very much and recommend it to anyone that is Jewish, loves history, and Yiddish will enjoy reading this.  I recommend it highly. 

The story is about a young girl that finds the letters in the trunk of her grandparents house. The stories seem to come to life.  Some of the stories, are sad, funny. The stories all relate to assimilation to American life. This is a keeper. 

I would like to thank Ashley Garland from Harper Collins for sending me a review copy.  I will treasure this one for years. 

Here is a review by the Table,  here

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Erika D. said...

If you're going to read more graphic novels, I'd encourage you to check out Rutu Modan's THE PROPERTY (translated by Jessica Cohen). One of the best books (of any sort) that I read last year.

Lorri M. said...

Nice review, Susan. I have it on a hold list, at my library.

Thanks for the visit.

Susan's Literary Cafe said...

Erika, I will definitely check it out. Right now I am behind on my book reviews. But I will definitely check it out later soon. Thanks Erika for visiting.