Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Best Movie I Have Seen All Year-Chef

This is one movie definitely, if you have not seen yet- you must see it. Most movies this season have been disappointing.  We saw a movie, Belle last week. I was very disappointed.

This time around I checked out the video first, and checked for reviews. It received high ratings, and I checked out the trailer. It looked great.

Anything to do with food, especially Cuban is my kind of movie.  Too bad only thing we were missing was a nice meaty Cuban sandwich being served at the theater.  That would have been a great gimmick. The movie was a fun, nostalgic ride of Miami and the food. I could smell the Cuban sandwich sizzling, LOL!!

The movie was part road trip, part family relationships, comedy, friendships, father-son relationships, and of course part foodie, and even twitter.

I can't say enough about this movie. I have seen movies this year that were so disappointing this one was definitely not.

Chef, played by Jon Favreau  is Carl Casper. He  is a chef in a elegant restaurant.  He is not the one who controls the restaurant.  The owner, Riva( played by Dustin Hoffman)  is not a great person. He always wants he's way. He doesn't allow Carl to be creative and make new dishes.  He doesn't  allow Carl to be creative on the menu.

 One night a big important food critic is coming. Riva and the Carl get into a verbal disagreement about the menu. Carl is told he can't change the menu. The menu has stayed the same way for years.

" It is not about pleasing the food critic, but pleasing our customers"
 When the critic( Oliver Platt) sits down for the meal he is disappointed, and he tweets on the internet about his experience.  The chef has no idea what twitter is. He's son( Emjay Anthony) sets up an account for him. I think you can guess what happens.  The twitter conversation between the food critic and him goes viral. He looses his job, and he's ex-wife, Inez ( Sofia Vergara) pressures him to go to Miami to purchase a food truck.

I am not going to tell you anymore. You will have to see it yourself.  Here is the movie trailer at the bottom of this post. I think you will agree with me to go see it.

The movie is funny. There is definitely a lot of laughter in the movie theater
you will want to  make yourself a Cuban Sandwich or go to Versaille, or La Carretta,  if you live in Miami.

Unfortunately, in Myrtle Beach there isn't a Cuban restaurant.  I will just have to make myself a Cuban Sandwich instead.  I miss Cuban Cuisine... Maybe someday.... I can dream.......!!!

This movie brings back memories when I lived in Miami. The cafeteria, of what they are called in Miami. They are small restaurants, off the streets of Miami. Where they served food while you are walking by. They are mom and pop places. No dining area, and everything was set up in one room. The usual fare was a Cuban sandwich, and cafe leche.  What you would call simple food.

Unfortunately, in Myrtle Beach there isn't a Cuban restaurant. We have Mexican.  I so miss Cuban Cuisine.

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