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Expats: Book Review

The Expats
By Chris Pavone

The Expat's, is also the author of  The Accident. Expats,  is a perfect"beach read" for the summer months. What was done to whom, whom is the guilty person, or is it just one person, or is everyone guilty of something.

I started reading this book a few years ago on audio from Myrtle Beach to Greenville SC for a course I had to take.  I am not a " audio type" of person. But driving four hours by myself for the first time. I wanted to try it out.  I can't multi- task.  So, I am sure this will lead you to the conclusion it didn't go very well.  You are absolutely right?  But, the book as a audio after I took the trip. I bought the book.  I waited two years until it was brought up for a book club pick.  I am so happy that we read it.  I thoroughly enjoyed it. As I was reading the book it was like watching the movie, Mr. and Mrs. Smith( Jolie-Pitt).

The author, Chris Pavone wrote this after his trip to Europe.  The book made me feel that Luxembourg was character. I love authors that can make you feel like you are there.

Our book club, The Beach Babes Book Brigade discussed this book this month. We all basically agreed on the main points. The book was not about spies, and thriller. This was about a marriage, and how you can trust your spouse.

 We all enjoyed reading the novel.  I hope to read his novel, Accident soon as well.

Kate and Dexter are husband and wife in the United States. Kate works undercover for the FBI.  Her husband is offered a wonderful job in Europe, specifically Luxembourg.  She has to decide that she must give up the job in the United States. Her husband is working for a exclusive bank in cybersecurity. She become a stay at home mom. Life is good, but then she starts becoming suspicious of everyone around her.

She meets a couple of other Expats, she becomes suspicious of them as well.  She then learns more about them and that is when the story really, gets interesting.  Who can you trust? Do you really know your husband? Do you tell your spouse everything? Or are some things kept secret?

Kate has built a new life for herself.  But she doesn't trust anybody? It seems everyone is keeping secrets? Is this the FBI training in her? Or is there something to worry about?  Kate is trying to reinvent herself from undercover to a stay at home mom. Is this possible? Does her instincts tell her different?

Do you trust your husband? If you are suspicious do you turn him in? If he is doing something and you know about it, can you live with yourself?  I just loved this book.  Expats is really not a typical thriller. It is a sexy, creative novel that makes you think about who you are? Can you live with yourself etc?

Thank you Chris for allowing me to review.

My Rating: 

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