Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mourning of Israeli Teens

 It was 18 days ago that these teenage boys went missing. It was hard not to hear about it. If you are Jewish it was all over the news, on facebook, on social media, etc. If you did not hear about it, your head must have been in the sand.

It is so sad, to hear about this in the news yesterday, about the three teenage boys that were were missing for 18 days.

They were kidnapped and killed very shortly after their abduction by terrorists.   The Jewish world is very sad to hear the news.  I was  hoping that they would be found without incident. I had hoped the teenage boys may have just went out on a joy spree.  That was wishful thinking, because you don't hear of those things happening in Israel.

I am not sure what the significance but most Jews know the number 18 has significance. The number 18 stands for "life".  Maybe there is something in g-ds plan that we don't know about yet.

Today, I was on Facebook. An old friend in Israel that I knew in USY  lives in Israel posted that there is another death. This time, it is a Palestinian teenager.  I hope that this is not going to play out politically. That now, someone is going to pin it on Israel. Saying, Israel did this in retribution for the three Jewish boys killed.  Then their will be another terrorist attack, and it will go back and forth like it did a few years ago. Their memory will be in vain if that is the case.

During this sad time, all Jews across the world are together and mourning the three boys.  May they be blessed.

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