Monday, August 11, 2014

38th Ave. Diva Book Club: Art forger

I already did my review on the Art Forger. I am going to post our book club thoughts on the novel. Some members liked it, some didn't. One member told us she thought it was too detailed.

For me I enjoyed reading about the history of the Gardner Museum, the heist, the artist, the process of the artist, and the process of forgeries. I never thought, and most of us thought the same thing. We didn't realize the process. But, now that we thought about it. It makes sense. To make a forgery, you need to make the canvas and the paint look old.   Most of us thought about what is really hanging at the museums? Are they really the real masterpiece? Is it a forgery? Even the experts can be fooled.  Can we deceive? or is it real?

For the first time, I did something different for the book club. I never thought about doing this. Doing a powerpoint presentation. This won't work for every book club. But, if for instance the history, the art pieces, the museum. It was wonderful, I thought. It had videos, pix, etc.  He is a screen glimpse of my power point.
I can pat myself on the back. I thought it was pretty amazing. Never thought doing this, until I started doing powerpoint and it gave me the idea.  This is a great idea for book clubs, if anyone is good with computers. This will enhance your book club meeting. I wouldn't do it all the time. But, when there is alot of historical background information.  This is great. I am sorry I did not think of this sooner.

On a sad note, the art gallery that I mentioned before at a previous post is closing. I am so sad to hear about anything that is cultural in Myrtle Beach, is closing. I am a northerner, and  used to cultural events. But, down south, especially in the smaller towns, like Myrtle Beach. There are some event, but most are amateurs.

Oh well, I will have to make my own, like I alway do.

Keep reading, until next month stay tuned. We are reading a novel, by Charles Todd.  A mother and son pen their mysteries.

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Lauralee Jacks said...

That is a neat idea doing a power point presentation.