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Movie Review: Labor Day

I just saw the movie, Labor Day. What a wonderful movie.  The movie is a adaption of Joyce Maynard's, with the same name.  I read the book when the it came out a few years ago.

Joyce Maynard was JD Salinger, (the author of Catcher in the Rye) college muse. You can go to her website to read more about her. Also you can find a archived Facebook chat with author, Joyce Maynard on Book Club Girl.

The movie is very different than the book. I usually don't like movies that were made from books.  This time I was surprised. I recommend the movie highly, and bring plenty of tissues.

I had a problem with the book from the beginning. If you can let it pass and overcome it,  than you will enjoy the book.  To this day I still have a problem with the book, and remember that small piece. I usually will read a book and not remember much after a few weeks.

This is the story of Adele, and her teenage son, Henry.  Adele is a single mom after her divorce with her husband.  There have…