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World Book Night 2014

I had the greatest time with World Book Night 2014. I participated in 2012.  I don't remember having as much fun as this year.  When I first started this afternoon. I was disappointed. I should have known better to contact the supervisor of the assisted living facility first. Working in the health field, there is a privacy law.  But, things work out for the best. 
Because the book, is chick lit. One bad thing, you are limited on who to ask, if they would like to have a book.
In this area, there isn't much publicity. I was surprised this month though, that Barnes and Noble in Myrtle Beach had a sign up for WBN. But, most people still don't know what it is. I am hoping in the next few years it will eventually catch on. 
I had my pink book giver shirt on, so that helped right from the start.  That is a plus from two years ago. At least people can recognize that you are from a organization.  Most of the people had no idea what World Book Night was.  Most people gave you the stran…

Organizing Next Literary Event

We are now moving on to the next literary event, which happens to be in June. I have been contacting  publicists for possible donations for our literary event in June. The publicists have been receptive.  I can't wait to see the faces when they see the books I have received. I can't believe it myself.

Our literary event has been so successful in the Jewish community this year. I am amazed how it started. When I started this, it was only a idea. I did not think it would grow as it has.  We started with 15 people that included some of us from the book club.  Then this year we had almost 50 people. We had to turn people away. For our June event, it was going to be low keyed, a women's event. Since the book, we picked was women's fiction. I got a message from one of our attendees that he was upset because he could no longer come.  I did not think any men would want to come. I had to change it from Literary Ladies Night Out, to Night Out with Rabbi Debbie.

We will be disc…

Visible City: Book Review

Visible City
By Tov Mirvis
Very different kind of novel.  I have read other books by Tova Mirvis before.  I read Auxillary Wife which takes place in the Nashville Jewish Orthodox community.  This one is not anything like it. I recommend it to anyone that has lived in or has been in NYC.I could feel the pulse of the city in those pages.  I can relate. Anyone that has lived in the city, or visited would love reading this short book. Even though the book is short, is has a lot to say. 

The novel felt like you  are sneaking behind closed doors and peep holes into the character's daily lives. This is usually not my kind of book. But, it was wonderful.

 I felt like I was a sneaking into people's apartments without a key. This story takes place in Manhattan.  Nina is watching people through her son's binoculars. We go into people's lives of Leon, and Claudia and Emma their adult daughter. She is engaged and left school for now. Trying to decide what to do.

Nina's  husband Je…

Invisible Wall: Book Review

Invisible Wall
By Harry Bernstein

Invisible Wall was a fast read for me. We read it for our book club. One of our member's husband was born, and raised outside London. He had visited  our book club to discuss his own experience.

This truly was a wonderful book. It reminded me of Angela's Ashes, Jewish Style. He mom was the caregiver while the father was a tailor. He left the house every night and got drunk. He did not seem to care about his family. His parent's married him off and runaway to America after he was married. In Manchester where he was raised. There was a Invisible Wall between the Christian, and Jew. 

When he got older his sister married a non-Jew. His mom disowned her for quite some time, but eventually they came around after the baby was born. The two sides the Christian and Jew celebrated the birth. Had a large celebration and forgot about the resentment of Jew against Christian, the wall started to fall down. 

After a few years Harry moved with his family to …

Jewish Grand Strand Reads 2014

It has taken me a while to post about our Jewish community Read. I knew it would be a while, but I did not think this long to digest, and evaluate our wonderful event.  One reason I did not post yet was because I was not well leading up to the event, and after. Doesn't it figure, it catches up to you eventually between, school, work, and the event.

Anyway, this is what I have to tell you it was wonderful, and it was a great success! When do you call a event a success or a failure?? I call it a success when last year, we had 28 in attendance. Now, we had 47. We had to turn people away.  Wow! we have to pat ourselves on the back!! Thanks to my other co-conspirators, Marian Cohen, Kat Kahn, and Donna Llewylln.  Thanks to them while I was in school, they were helping out on the sidelines.  We were even able to get on a community TV station, thanks to Donna.

Beside our wonderful event on March 2nd. We had a lovely time talking to Helene Wecker on SKYPE. The author of, The Golem and th…

Book Review: My Sister's Weiss

The Sister's Weiss
By Naomi Ragen
My own copy

I have read several books by Naomi Ragan. I was expecting her newest novel to be the same subject that many Jewish author's tackle.  A rebellious daughter leaving the Ultra Orthodox enclave.

It is a bit, more. The Sister's Weiss takes place in Brooklyn, New York in the l950's. The two daughters, Pearl and Rose are very close. Their parents live in the Ultra-Orthodox neighborhood in Williamsburg.  Rose is the eldest daughter.  She is a very obedient daughter compared to her other youngest sister, Pearl.

All children in the ultra orthodox community are expected to be obedient to g-d, and obey his commandants. One of the commandments is to obey your mother and father.  Rose tries very hard to obey. But as Rose gets older, she realizes she wants something more.

Years ago, she was given a camera. She is curious about photography and she curious about photography and wants to learn about it.   She is asked to do a mitzvah, to t…