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Sinners and the Sea: Book Review

After seeing the movie about Noah. I decided that our literary event should host Rabbi Debbie again.
She can discuss the mysteries of Noah's wife.  This is great timing since Amy, from Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours had asked me to host a book tour with other book bloggers.

Sinners and the Sea
By Rebecca Kanner

This is a interesting historical novel about Noah, and his mysterious wife( with no name). She was never given a name in the bible. She is not mentioned anywhere.
The book opens with the girl with a scar with no name. Her father protects her and keeps her in his tent.  The tribe thinks she is a demon woman.

When Noah meets her, her father thinks this is a great arrangement.  Noah is a fit man of 600 years old. He can protect her better than I.  So when Noah takes her out of her father's tent and they both travel to a village called, Shaman.

 The villagers are sinful and disobedient.  There are no laws to keep. They can break any law in the book and not get in tr…

Night Out W/ Rabbi Debbie


Palisades Park: Review

Palisades Park
By Alan Brennert

Do you remember the song, Palisades Park? or visiting the area of Ft. Lee New Jersey, there is fun history there. There is magic that happens every time you walk through the amusement park in the summer time.  The Palisades Amusement Park was built in the early twentieth century and survived till it closed its door definitely in 1971.  The novel is a tribute to the growing up youth and frequent visitors that came to the Palisades Park.

The novel is set in the 1940's. It is about the Stopka family. They worked at the Palisades Amusement Park. There was Eddie, the father and Adele( mother), Antoinette, and Jack.  Eddie and Adele fell in love and went  to work in the amusement park.  They were working and then tragedy took place, a fire.  After the fire the Rosenthal's bought the amusement park.

Eddie decided he wanted to open a concession stand making french fries, not any typical french fries, but  vinegar french fries. These french fries were …