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Review on the Best Comfort Shoe

I don't usually promote something like this. But, I have to tell you that Jambu shoes are wonderful. They have done right by me. In the last few years, I have had medical issues with my back, hips, and my feet without resolution. I am going to have to give you background information leading up to this post.
 I have gone to doctors, orthopedics, podiatrists. Nothing seemed to help the pain I was in. I had bought Sketchers, for work. I later learned that was the worst thing for my feet and hips.  But, of course no one tells you that you are suppose only wear them for a couple hours.
I was having trouble getting out of my car, and into my car.  By the way, I was only in my early 50's. At the time I thought this was normal getting older. But, later learned this is not the case. 
My hips were hurting me. I did not know why. Then most recently I was in a car accident. I didn't know if this exacerbated the problem. Before the accident.   I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  There…

Girls of Atomic City: Book Club and Review

The Girls of Atomic City
By Denise Kiernan

Do you remember the pictures and signs during the war, of Rosie the Riveter? Do you know who Rosie, the Riveter is?

My grandmother was one of those ladies at the factory, and in the navy yards in Boston. Like many she helped and contributed for the war effort. She made the planes in the navy yards in Boston. That is my story, but posted below is another forgotten story that was kept secret till after the war.

Before World War two, the town of Oak Ridge, Tennessee didn't exist. But then a secret was going on in this no name town.  Mostly women, of 75,000, were been recruited for this special work to help the war effort. No one had idea what the secret was except unless you were higher up in the government.

The girls had no idea what kind of work it was. All they knew was what they were doing at the moment.  No one was to speak about anything among the four walls. If you know anything about the Manhattan project, and Oppenheimer, and Hiros…