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Orphan Train: Book Review

Orphan Train
By Christina Baker Kline
Complimentary copy from Harper Collins

I remember as a young girl watching the movie, Orphan Train.  Many people didn't realize the history of the Orphan Train. There were many orphans roaming the streets of NYC in the mid 1800's. Many orphaned, abandoned, starved, homeless, because they couldn't afford the extra mouth to feed.

The author, Christina Baker Kline, wrote this novel to teach us a bit of unforgotten history. Most of the orphan riders are up in age, and may not be alive to tell their stories very soon.  The novel is a interconnected story with history, and flashbacks, (fast forward- flashback in time) with the interconnected story of Vivian, and Molly.

From 1854- 1929 the Orphan Train crossed the United States from, New York to the Mid West on the train from the help of the Children's Aid Society.  From the midwest plains(farm land), and desolate, Conditions were hard. Thinks of, Laura Ingalls Wilder books, and movies.