Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Betrayed: Book Review


By Lisa Scottoline

 I was introduced to Lisa Scottoline's novel at Books and Books in Coral Gables years ago. Then for some reason I stopped reading them. I recently started reading her novels again.

I just finished reading Betrayed. I absolutely loved reading it. It was a easy read. Something to pick up and get away from it all. One of my publicist's friend's sent me a copy to review. I am so glad I picked up the copy. Betrayed is a wonderful novel for you if you are going on a tropical vacation or a cruise in the next few weeks,

 One of my publicist's friend's sent me a copy to review.  But, unfortunately with all the chaos, I forgot to post my thoughts on my book blog. So it is a bit fuzzy. I will tell you it was a great and fun read.  It also had something to discuss, illegal immigration from Mexico to U. S. borders.  

Betrayal is about three main characters, Judy, an attorney in Philadelphia. She is still unmarried. But, her friend is engaged. She asked Judy to be in the wedding. Talk about rubbing it in. She is happy for her friend, but wants to distance herself. Her relationship with her boyfriend doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

 Then out of the blue her Mom is calling Judy. She asks her  to come out to see her Aunt Barb with her. When she arrives she learns Aunt Barb has breast cancer. Aunt Barb is scheduled for surgery in the next couple days. In the mean time Judy meets Iris. Iris is an illegal from Mexico. Aunt Barb  adores her. She is counting on her to help her through the surgery. But, Judy's mom seems to be jealous of their relationship, but why??

After Iris leaves the house Judy finds a stash of money, about 50,000. During the night. Something is wrong, Iris doesn't show up to her job.  She's found dead in her car. It appears it was natural causes. But was it ?? 

Judy starts snooping around with her sick aunt. Thing don't seem to appear as you think. Iris's best friend apparenly left town, The priest is dead,What is going on? No one wants to answer questions. Things appear to get worse, and more suspicious. The only comment I will make about the story, it appears the author was trying to cram too much in. But, it didn't deter from the story. 

You will just have to find out the rest because I don't want to ruin it for you. This story keeps you guessing and turning the pages. Like, I said before it was terrific. I recommend this for anyone that is looking for something to read to escape from it all.  The only thing I will say it there have been numerous amount of people complaining about the writing style, it is too simplistic. It is, but for me it didn't deter away from the story. 

Thank you John Karle from St. Martin for allowing me to review.

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