Friday, January 22, 2016

The Hours Count: Jewish Grand Strand Reads

The Hours Count
By Jillian Cantor

After doing a google search for a novel, and pretty much gave up this year. I found a novel, on the Jewish Book Coucil's website. It was about the Rosenberg's. Already this novel, had me hooked even before I reached the first page. I had heard about them. Only knew they were Jewish, and both husband and wife were executed.  I was young then. Didn't understand the implications. As I got older. I realized why this was important. This is still a hot topic. Why, you ask? The start of the Cold War, The wall between E. Germany and W. Germany. The Manhatten Project, Los Alamos,

Personally as a young child I didn't think this was a big deal. But now, years later I realize the implications. The race to make the bomb first. Interesting enough the Russian's build the first bomb first, the Hydrogen bomb. How did this happen? The U.S was embarrassed how this came about first. The United States governement tried to find anyone with information. Who they found was David Greenglass, Ethel Rosenberg's brother. This started the ball rolling. He accused both husband and wife of spying for the United States government. It was found out much later he was protecting his wife. There were plenty of American citizens that wanted to tell Russia what the United States was doing. There were scientists that were spying for the Russian government. Then came McCarthyism. Famous people loosing their reputation, because of the trials. One specific person was Lucille Ball. She was accused, but luckily her reputation was affected. Later on though it didn't ruin her. She was the lucky ones.

I asked the question, why would anyone betray their own government? What I got was people telling me. People were tired of the U. S. government. You are probably wondering why I thought this was important? Because reflecting back on our history. With terrorism with Al-Queda-ISIS. People were scared of the 1950's. Who would have ever guessed we would be in this situation. They are a mass of people,( a man without a country), there isn't a country represented. Instead of mass of terrorists terrorizing us. How did this happen compared to what happened in the 1950's. Russia, a country may build a bomb.  We are not as worried about them as we are about ISIS. It is so ironic that Russia and US have a different kind of worries.

I started thinking this would be a bouncing off board from the novel to discuss the political climate. I know I am right. I brought this book up with my book club. There was already heated conversation. No one read the book yet, except for me. I can't imagine what heated conversation this is going to start when we actually read the book, and skype the author. Even if the book is not great. It is a wonderful springboard for discussion.

It was decided in conjuction with Jewish Grand Strand Reads and Hadassah Carolina Mizrah with a combined effort will come together to host a skyping program. Also we will be hosting a documentary that was directed and produced by Ethel and Julius Rosenberg''s grand daughter called, Heir to the Execution.  If you live in Myrtle Beach area. You are welcome to join us.

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