Sunday, August 21, 2016

Book Review: Before The Fall

Before the Fall
By Noah Hawley

Before the Fall is a different summer suspense novel. Usually most beach reads, don't go into the characters. That is what makes this novel so interesting. Because it does lead into a character study.

It does take awhile to get into the story. I will confess I was looking forward to reading. It took me quite awhile to build up the story. I may be one of the few that didn't love the book. I did like the story behind the characters. I know this is a double negative and I apologize to the english critiques. Before the Fall disappointed me. I was expecting a bit more. Because of the fanfare about this book all summer. It was such a let down.  I was at the end, REALLY! what a bummer.

The story takes place from Martha's Vineyard to NYC on a flight all of a sudden the plane crashes in the Atlantic Ocean. With 10 people on board, and only 2 survive. A painter, down on his luck. He was not suppose to be there and a young boy, 4 years old. The only surviving member of a wealthy family.

I didn't care for the story itself. But, what I did care for was the interweaving chapters about each of the individuals on the plane. The story didn't make it for me but the characters. That is different for me. I am the kind of person that cares about the story not the characters. This time it is the other way around.

 I was not given a copy to review.

I do suggest not reading till after your plane flight. I give it three tea cups.

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