By Donna Brazile
My own copy

Boy, Hacks was an eye opener. I didn’t know what shenanigans has been going on in politics. What an eye opener. I never cared about politics until the 2016 Presidential elections. The author writes likes she is having coffee  at the coffee table having a discussion with you. I would love to meet her some day. She is some tough cookie. But she at sometime has a breaking point. I felt like as she was talking all warm, and snugly inside. It could have been the writing style.
The one main thing that concerns me. Hilary Clinton donated money to the Dem party. What this did. Which is not illegal, just unethical. Bernie Sanders didn’t get any help. Instead Hilary Clinton got all the resources and monies she needed before the primary.
That isn’t usually done till the primaries are done. This is not what happened instead. She got all the resources ahead of time.
I am not educated in politics until now. I didn’t know the in’s and out’s of the political process. It makes sense to statistical polls and take them for granted how things were done. The Dem party took it for granted. What happened HC didn’t go to the districts because they thought she would win. Wrong decision by Robby Mooks.
The biggest as we all know is someone got in and tempered with the Democratic party systems. We found out later it was Russia. The hackers name was Cozy Bear, and one other name I can’t remember. It was found out they entered the systems quite awhile ago. The FBI contacted the Democratic Party. The person they contacted thought it was a joke. I m not going to go into it. As there is so much technical terms. But, eventually they were found out. Eventually right before the elections they were able to find out what happened. But, by then it was too late.
Two other things are talked about in the book. What emails were mailed to the author. Did she have the questions ahead of time? I can’t say. There is no evidence of her email. Her answer to me answers what happened. But, I am not an expert.
The other was Bernie Sanders when the emails were leaked from the DNC. Were there derogatory emails dumped?Were some of them real? Or were they fake? Who knows.
The other terrible thing happened to Seth Rich a young man who was murdered from the DNC party. Was he murdered because of random killing? or did it have something to do with what was going on in the DNC. I don’t think we will ever know. There was alot of paranoia going on. People were scared and nervous that people’s homes are being bugged. Or in the office a person came in watering plants for the DNC office. Who was she no one knows.
It was a terrible thing that happened. The good thing is that American Citizens including me are getting involved. Where they weren’t involved before. Citizens are becoming active. There are Marches, and people speaking out. So perhaps something good has come out of this.
I am angry how this played out. I am not writing as a Dem. or GOP. What I am angry about nothing has been done to the Russians. This should concern every American. The Russian’s interfered in our elections, Period. I don’t care what side you are on. What is going to happen this Nov’ 18, or presidential elections 2020! It could happen again. How do we know our process will be protected.
Some people are angry that she wrote this book. People thought it was against the DNC. The author says, it is her explanation of why, and what happened. To make sure nothing like this happens again.  I liked how she ended the book. With optimism, and hope. I would like to thank Donna Brazile for her version of what happened.