Thursday, April 19, 2018

He's Coming Home By Next Week

This does not make any sense. My son made it for 8 entire weeks. He made the demands of boot camp. Learning to make a bed, iron shirts, learn to listen and respect of naval officers. He left for Great Lakes in Illinois from Myrtle Beach SC on April 12th.  It was hard for him as well as for me. The military controlled when they were allowed to make phone calls. It was terrible because I never knew when he called.  Close to the end of boot camp he was told there would be a delay in PIR for a week. They found out he had a medical condition. They were needed to recieve paper work then they would waive his medical condition and he would graduate. After a week I recieve a call he would have his PIR on 6/11, 

David was told by his recruiter to keep quiet about his ADHD. He was told if it doesn't come up there is not a reason to tell. But, David was having some problems in the beginning and then toward the end he was finally getting it.

David told me he was able to graduate and then go onto Groton Connecticut for Sub School. Great I thought I was just sad that I could not go to his graduation and wait to see him when he comes home in September.  I was content knowing my brother and my father went to his graduation. He even recieved a ribbon for markmanship and was able to carry the flag for his division.  That tells you how much this meant to him. 

I was proud of him. This meant more to him than high school.  He has matured and proud of his accomplishments. He was also sick the entire week before graduation but he did it. He went through the test of battlestations. He did it, great job David. The entire weekend was with the family with a cold.
I expected him to leave Groton Connecticut on Tuesday. I was terribly upset because I had thought he would let me know at least that he got there. He was still sick. He did not call me.  I only found out on Facebook that he was still in Chicago. I thought he was just sick. Later I found out the real story. They were investigating his medical records.  But, it does not make sense let him graduate. They should have not let him through and graduate until they had all the information.  He must have fell through the cracks.

I was having a difficult time when he was growing up with a single parent without a father. He was just a rebellious kid and having some problems. I took him for some conselling never realizing they would say he was depressed and anxious.  This was just typical teenage rebellion nothing else. The navy would straighten him out. Not thinking this would follow him. He did not and either did I that they gave him this diagnosis. After he graduated high school he was in control of his emotions, not difiant. He stopped taking Concerta, and he was fine. The sad thing was he was not able to find a job and was mopping around.  Most teens would do the same thing too. He was looking forward to leaving for boot camp and do something with his life.  He does not have depression it was just the situation he was in. The medical people they are quick to jump at anything and call it a diagnosis.

Now he is waiting to be separated. I never heard of someone being a sailor for a week and then separated. Once you graduate you go on.  This is just too bad. He will be leaving the navy in a week. Would you believe he is considered a military veteran even for a few days. He is not looking for the benefits he wants to serve his country.

The problem in the navy that they are trying to get rid of navy service men.  There are too many and I think any little thing they want to get rid of people. This is just a excuse.

I have contacted our Congressman Henry Brown in SC.  It does not look to good though. I stated my case and if it is determined that they can do something they will.  This is just hard because he does not have depression just a rebellious teenager that has worked out his problems and taken a little longer to mature.

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