Thursday, September 25, 2008

My First Challenge

This is my first challenge hosted by Alphaheroes
Blog hopping.
The challenge is a off shoot from myfriendamy's BBAW
I would love to meet new bloggers that I have not met before.
Look below and you will find the challenge rules.

Starting here, find a linked blog that you’ve never been to before. It does not have to be book-related. If none of the links in my sidebar are new to you, hit the BBAW list and start there.
Go to the blog you’ve chosen and browse through the posts until you find something you find interesting. Leave a comment. Mention where you found the link. Mention of this challenge is optional.
Using the links in THAT blog, repeat. If you find yourself somewhere that does not have any new-to-you links, go back to the BBAW list. Be sure to leave a comment in each location, mentioning where you found their site linked.
Repeat until you have visited 10 new blogs.
Write a post on your blog showing your bloghopping trail. Content is up to you; you can highlight your favorites, critique the sites, or just post the list of 10. I recommend you open up a word document (or whatever you use) and list out the urls as you go. It's really REALLY easy to get distracted doing this and lose track of where you were.
I’d love it if you link back to this post.
Optional: add your favorites to your own sidebar, or temporarily put up a blogroll widget with the 10 sites you visited.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your challenge. It'll be interesting to see what new blogs you discover.

Nicola O. said...

Hey, thanks for participating!
I also tagged you for a new meme. ;)

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