Hi, welcome to Susan's Literary Cafe:

My name is Susan.  I live in Myrtle Beach, SC . I am originally from Ramsey, NJ.  I have also lived in Miami, Fl. and Livonia, Mich, and Denver, Colorado.  I am a retired nurse that worked in the Med- Surgical floors, I also specialized in Psychiatry at the VA Hospital in Miami.

I became a stay at home mom when my son was born until recently. I decided I wanted to get back in the work force. But, not in nursing. Nursing is not what it used to be with " hands-on-care". I decided to go back to school, and try my hand with medical coding.

Between work and school you would think I would say enough. Well, you don't know me well enough.
All my friends know me as the " Book Diva". Because I have my hands in everything literary. I organized two book clubs.

 I also have two book blogs, one secular the other Jewish literary fiction. I started to blog to keep a record of my reading experience. But also to share information for my book club. I did not know the possibilities that would open up because of the book blog.

 I organize literary book events in our area of Myrtle Beach with local university professors from Coastal Carolina University, as our guest speakers.

 In past years, I organized the Jewish Grand Strand Reads( which is my passion). In previous years it was only me organizing the Community Read. Now, I am proud to say it is being sponsored, and supported by the Jewish community of the Grand Strand, and Hadassah.  I organized these events not for monetary gain. But to share with others my love of reading.


marly youmans said...

Hi Susan--

Not sure if you ever got my reply to your nice note... But I left you a contact email and some info...

Good cheer,

Shauna said...

Hi Susan,

I'm interested in having you review a book. What email is best to contact you?

Thank you,