Monday, October 12, 2015

Finding a Family for Nachat

Hi blog readers,

With a heavy heart I am trying to find a new family that would love him, and pamper him. I need a locate a new home for my dog, Nachat as soon as possible. He is free to a good family. He is very loved and wanted. I can no longer keep him as I am moving and they don't allow pets.

I am posting today in despiration to find a new family to take my cutie pie in. He's name is Nachat( Naa-chaat) short vowels. He is a male Tzit-Tzu. He is 9 years old and is neutered.

He lives with my parent's dog, and was raised with my son since he was 12. He is good with other people, well tempered, quiet, doesn't bark, only when someone is at the door.  He is shy until he gets to know you. He is leash trained. He is trained to go outside without a leash as well.

He would be great with an retired family member. Because he doesn't have to walk him far.

He is well behaved, and pampered, and loves attention. I live in South Carolina. If you know someone, or you would like to adopt him please let me know. If you are interested please leave me a message on my blog how I can get a hold of yo

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Review: Invention of Wings

Invention of Wings
by Sue Monk Kidd
Published by Penguin

Invention of Wings takes place in Charleston, SC. It is based on historical characters, the Grimke family. Sarah, and Angelina. This is a part of history that is not well known. Most likely because the sisters were against slavery, and women inequality. It is most likely why the author, Sue Monk Kidd decided to write the book. Because not much is known about the sisters, Angelina and Sarah.

Our book club selected this novel, for September, Invention of Wings. I am so glad we picked this novel. It is the story of Sarah Grimke. Who is Sarah Grimke, you ask? She is part of history that is not well known in the south, particularly, Charleston, SC.

She is the oldest child of a plantation, and slave owner in Charleston,SC..  11 years old Sarah is the main character. Her parents giving her a birthday present. What she didn't figure was the present being a slave.What does a 11 year old child do with a slave, named Hetty.. If she is anything like Sarah. She is defiant. She teaches Hetty how to read, and write. Which is against the law at that time. What a mess she causes. Teaching a slave to read. Hetty, also known as Handful is whipped.

On the other side of the story is Handful's mother Charlotte. She is defiant like Sarah. She finds any opprotunity to find a way to escape. Each time she tries she is found out. Ususally with a beating.

This is why this novel, works on opposing ends.Sarah being defiant, independent. She also lives under the confines of being suffucated by the southern ideas. Then you have Hetty and Charlotte being a slaves.. They have different views of s being a southern girl, and another being a slave. Different ways to look at slavery.

Sarah has strong views being a woman is not going to stop her. She wants to go to college to become a lawyer.  She thought her brother would defend her views being a woman.

But, when her father was having a discussion about her brother becoming a lawyer. She thought this would be a good time for her to discuss herself. It did not work out as planned. Sarah has strong views against inequality of women and slavery.

She was heart broken that her father didn't agree with her. She thought her brother would defend her. The only ambition a woman should have as she is told by her mother. Is getting married, and having children.

Mother entered swaying with her weight. "I took no joy in seeing your hopes quashed" she said. Your father and brother were cruel." But, I believe their mockery was in equal proportion to their astonishment. A lawyer, Sarah? The idea is outlandish. I feel I have failed you bitterly. Your father belives you are an anomalous girl with your craving of books and your aspirations. But, he's wrong. Every girl comes into the world with varying degrees of ambition. Even if its only the hope fo not belonging body and soul to her husband. Every girl must have an ambition knocked out of her for her own good. You are unusual to fight the inevitable. You resisted, and now it came to pass to being broken like a horse..
After this incident, her mother is pregnant. She gives birth to Angelina. Sarah wants to be Angelina's godmother. With some apprehension her mother agrees with the plan. For many years after. The sisters are close.  But, then Sarah is given no choice she must travel with her father to Philadelphia. Sarah is saddled again. This time to travel with her father to Philadelphia to convalence, and  care for her father who is ill. While there she learns that her father is there to die

While living in Philadelphia she learns about the activism against slavery with the Quakers. She decides to stay. For years conflicting view about staying or returning to Charleston.

The part I most enjoyed is when Handful, and Sarah are cleaning the chandalier. Handful says, My body may be a slave, but my mind is not shackled. Where Sarah is opposite.  I will tell you later on in years. The Grimke sisters are not welcome in Charleston.

The Grimke sisters in history are thought of as trouble makers. Not true abolishists because. They also believed in Women's rights. The movement felt they would facture the slavery movement. Maybe it did, but they were important to women's rights. If it wasn't for them. Women may not have gotten the vote.

My Review: I absolutely loved the narrative. The author told the story with opposing ends. All the characters have some type of inequality that they are dealing with. Slavery, women's rights, etc. I loved the different points of views of the characters. Sarah then telling the story of the southern culture compared to the Quakers ideals. What the views of slavery of the northern ideals. The way the story was told couldn't be done any other way. I think a straight narrative wouldn't work.

There is not many historical fiction during the era of the Civil War, and slavery about inequality.
Most books are written by men for men. I absolutely recommend it to someone who loves historical fiction, wants to know about abolitionist. If you like to read novels, with strong characters, and strong ideals, I recommend this one.  You may look at women's right a different way. You can also find a newspaper article here.

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Miniseries Review: The Tudors

The Tudors
TV Miniseries

After several attempts in the previous years. I finally watched the entire series of the Tudors. I enjoyed watching it. Even though it was not historically accurate. I understand why, the producers wanted to make a pleasant and good looking Henry. I enjoyed watching because of the back drop, the time period, the costumes, etc.

I always thought that Henry 8th started the reformation because he believed it was for the good of the British people. That was not so. But was for himself. He didn't want the reformation to the Anglican Church. He wanted the Catholic religion to stay. He only wanted to have the complete power to allow himself to divorce and marry without conflict.

Now on with the review. if you watch it be prepared to see many flaws.  If this bugs you, I wouldn't watch it. If you can bare it. After watching and you want to do your own research. Then check out some of the official British websites. If you are watching it for face value for the heck of it. Then go for it.

One thing, I have been trying to figure this out why, oh why, is the title called The Tudors. It is only about one Tudor, Henry the 8th. Perhaps, called Henry, or Henry Tudor. There are many generations of Tudors.

Warning there is a lot of sexual graphic content, and violence. . If you can get past that, Then you will be OK. I still enjoyed it. If you watched this. I will recommend another called, White Queen. You can watch it on Amazon Prime.

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Hurricane Sisters: Book Review

Hurricane Sisters
By Dorthea Benton Frank

The multi-generations of Maisie, Liz, and Ashley have their secrets.
 80 year old Maisie(grandmother), is a sassy southern gal. Liz(mother), her daughter is involved in helping abused vicitims. Liz's husband, is fooling around with an old class mate of Liz's, from years ago. Ashley, the youngest of the family. She is in a relationship with a politician that causes serious problems emotionally for Ashley. Then between the family, Mary Beth tries to help the entire family. Then there is a secret years ago that has not been worked out between Liz and Maisie.

My Review:Author, Dorthea Benton Frank is from SC, specifically from Sullivan Island. Not far from my home. Anyone who is a reader, and lives in South Carolina. Is a must read from any South Carolinian.

The Hurricane Sisters, is the first novel I have read by this author. I really wanted to enjoy reading Hurrncane Sisters. I was very disappointed. I was expected more from this author's writing. But unfortunately, it didn't hit me. I expected more. I understand it is a beach read. But, even beach reads have more substance.  I  respect that the author was trying to write a novel about a social issue, domestic abuse, date rape, Also, mother daughter relationship. But unfortunately, it didn't grab me. I couldn't wait for the book to finish. This is the first book I have read in months. How unfortunate.

The writing is very simplistic, without depth of the characters... I don't like to be this direct.I am going to try one of her other books very soon, and see if this book was an isolated case.

Our book club read one of her other books, and they praised it. I was not in attendance. So, I was disappointed after reading this. I am going to try one of her other novels. Before making a judgement of her writing.

My rating:

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Gran Hotel: Best Mini Series

Gran Hotel has to be the best mini series I have watched in a long time. I started watching because someone posted on facebook the best BBC shows. I knew Gran Hotel was on Netflix.
So I started watching the first episode, then the second, then on, and on, till the last one on which was 42 episode. It gives you a cliffhanger.

I thought for sure I would have to wait for quite awhile. Because Netflix wasn't planning on adding season 3 until July. But, good news folks it was added. Hallelujah!!!. This show is so addicting. I don't know what it is, the acting, the setting, the time period. But, it has me hooked. I watched the entire series 1, and 2, in two weeks. 

The Gran Hotel, is a mystery, suspense, romance, intrigue, historical setting, hot, Spanish, love scenes, the actors are fresh, and not bad to look at, either. I am afraid to start watching season 3 and I will be hooked.  The only thing is you have to tolerate the subtitles. But, it may help you brush up in your spanish, LOL!. 

If anyone else has watched this show. Leave a comment to add discussion. Also, if anyone has any comparison of other shows to watch that are good. Let me know. Has to be on Netflix.  Just wondering has Spanish TV always been this good? Or I never noticed. But, now since Netflix there is a broader audience to watch more interenational TV. Which I am happy about. 

My rating:

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

My Father's Paradise: Book Review

My Father's Paradise
By Ariel Sabar

I am the keeper of my families stories. I am the guardian of it's honor. I am the defender of it's traditions. As the first born son of a Kurdish father these, they tell me,  are my duties. And yet even before my birth I resisted. 

Opening line of My Father's Paradise. This is a very important line to Jews everywhere. I discovered My Father's Paradise a few years ago, only by accident. I understand many Jewish communities, use this book as a medium for bringing up discussion.

I always wanted to understand what happened to Jewish Iraq, and the Middle East. Especially during the United States invasion of Iraq. My brother is a photojournalist for the Military Times. But he never talked about it.  It did not make sense to me that there were only a few Jews left and no synagouge. My Father's Paradise answered these questions that I have been wondering about.

Did you realize that Jews, Christians, and Muslims all lived in harmony at one time. Then something happened to change that.

I am going to give you a brief synopsis from the novel. But, also why I think you should read this book.  I am going to give you a better book review on my Jewish book blog, at my other book blog, Bagels, Books, and Schmooze.

 This part of history takes place during the 1930's, 1940's during WW2, when Yona's mother and father married. But, also the 3000 year history of the Middle East,and the language that was spoken in Iraq. Did you realize there are many different languages you must know to survive in Iraq.
There is Aramaic, then the Arab language as the spoken language when you are out mingling about, then the biblical language as well.

 Aramaic is important to Yoni,  This is how he was able to bring the Aramaic language to the United States, and become a renown Professor teaching Aramaic.It was important to him to keep his traditions and culture alive. Thanks to his son, he wants to keep the culture and traditions alive.

The reason that the culture and traditons of the Jewish Kurds continues was because the Kurdish territory was surrounded by mountains. Which isolated the people. That is why Christian, Jews, and Muslims were able to get along for thousands of years.

We first learn about Yoni's parents, how he looses his sister, and what happened to her. Then when Yoni was born.  Israel became a independent state the other Middle East countries in the Middle East made living in their countries for Jews miserable. What transpired afterward many Jews in these countries made a mass exodus to Israel in early 1950.

But the dream of thbe Jewish state was not for Middle East Jews to mingle and change the countries culture. Their dream was for European Jewish culture to saturate Israel into a European Mecca. But that didn't happen. Instead there is a mix of Middle Eastern Jews and Ashkenazi Jews living in Israel.

Israeli Jewis treated Jewish Middle Eastern Jews like a sub species. I thought Jews everywhere would be happily welcomed, but that didn't happen.

The second half of the book is when Yona came to the United States. How he came and became a renown professor. What is was like coming to the United States, living here. How he's son saw he's father. Which was rather hard for Ariel.he saw it as a culture clash of Middle East meets L. A.

It was important for Yoni to pass on the tradition of Ariamaic, and the traditions of his forefathers.To pass this on, Ariel wrote this book in honor of his father. To pass on the traditions, history, memories, and culture of Zakho, Iraq to his children, and his children's children, L'dor V'dor.

When Ariel and his father, and family returned to Israel for a visit to his grandparents. It felt like it was full circle. His Grandmother waited to die when the entire family came to visit. It brought tears to my eyes.

My Father's Paradise is a wonderful book for discussion. I can now, understand why it was chosen for many synagouges for community reads. There is so much to talk about. The writing is prolific, and beautifully written. You can tell he writes from the heart, and written with love to his father, Yona Sabar.  I am sorry it took so long to review. It was given to me by Aloquin books for review.

Since I didn't tell you in the beginning, My Father's Paradise was written by Yoni's son Ariel Sabar. He is a renown journalists for many periodicals such as the Baltimore Sun, and Christian Monitor, and many others.

You can listen and watch Ariel at his website. There are plenty of resources to watch and listen to. There are also discussion questions at the back of his book. Also a conversation with him as well.

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Friday, April 24, 2015

The Girl You Left Behind: Book Review

The Girl You Left Behind
By Jo Jo Moyes

I read The Girl You Left Behind for our book club. I was unable to attend. So, I can't tell you what was discussed. But, I can tell you that everyone enjoyed reading.

This is the first novel I read by this author. I have heard wonderful things about her. My expectations were very high coming into this book. I wanted to love this book. I love modern historical fiction, especially WW1-WW2 era.

Sophie Lefeve is left running her restaurant, Le Coq Rouge. While her husband Edwourd, a painter  is on the frontlines. The Germans have over run her town, Perrone. The Kommandant orders her that she must feed his soldiers each Monday evening. She has no choice but to do what he asks. She gets along with the Germans which turns the stomach of the townspeople. They think she is collerborating with the enemy and they turn against her.

While in his company at the restaurant he admires the self portrait that Sophie's husband, a painter has done.  Shr remembers how much the Kommandant admired the painting. She gets in her head if she can trade the painting for her husband life, not all will be lost. She travels to the camp of the Germans to influence him to release her husband. But all doesn't go as planned. After she leaves, later on she is taken prisoner. The townspeople and her family turn a blind eye to Sophie. They don't want anything to do with her.

Now turn the clock forward to modern day England, 2006. Liv, a young widow has lost her husband. All she has left is a painting that her husband bought for her in Spain on their honeymoon. She falls for a man that she doesn't know works for investigation team recovering lost, and stolen art during the war.He finds out she has the artwork he has been trying to locate for a family.

The parallell narrative was interesting how it played out. Both of them were strong women characters when they had to. Sophie though, was the champion. She fought tooth and nail for what she believed in. It was interesting to learn about the lost, and stolen artwork that was stolen during WW2. What families did to get their families heirlooms back. What happened to Sophie and her husband, Edwourd. theThe other players, that were involved with the Girl You Left Behind. How it went from different hands, and how it eventually ended up with Liv, and her husband.

For a superficial story it has some depth. But, the story was drawn out a little bit too long for my taste. I will still read her previous novel that I have been hearing about.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Book Giveaway- Every Fifteen Minutes

Every Fifteen Minutes
ByLisa Scottoline

Thank you St. Martin, John Karle
for a galley copy

I have a book giveaway on my blog starting today Wednesday and ending next week on 5/1 of next week. . Just leave a comment, and you will be entered into the drawing. I will announce the drawing on Thursday. Thank you St. Martin Publishing for donating a copy for the giveaway.

Lisa has done it again, even better than her previous novel.  Her novels just get better and better.

Dr.Eric Parrish married to wife, Caitlin, and Daighter, Hannah. Is respected  Chief Psychiatrist in a local hospital. He's psychiatric unit was just listed as number two in the country. Life is looking up until recently.

He's wife is seeking a divorce,and wants to make life difficult for Eric to share custody for their daughter. He's personal and Professional life is going down the tubes. You think it can't get any worse,  WRONG!. There is a young, pretty medical student. That is accusing him of sexual harrassement. Next Mr. Perino's wife is  accusing Eric of misusing his authority to sedate Mr. Perino(which actually was another doctor). The board has decided to relieve him of his duties for now, and he will be on suspension till every thing is cleared up.  Now, it isn't just he's personal, professional life, but now he's reputation is on the line.

In the meantime, a fellow doctor has asked Eric to see a patient that is dying of cancer. The dying grandmother is concerned about her grandson, Max. She wants Eric to help  Max before she passes. Max can't handle he's grandmother's grave illness. He has anxiety, OCD, obsessive obtrusive thoughts that he can't get out of his head. These rituals must be done every 15 minutes.

 Max is missing. Eric searches for Max. He goes way and above the call of duty. He is a gluten for punishment. Why is he bothering?? He can't tell anyone what he knows as this is patient doctor confidentiality.

The other part of the story, from the opening chapter, Lisa's novel opens from the prospective of a socialpath. I was a psychiatric nurse, and she hit it right on the head of the details of a mentally disturbed person. It was so creepy, but true. You think you know someone, but do you really?? When you go to the store, to school, to work, at your church or synagouge do you know if that person is going to snap??

If you think you have it all figured out by the end of Every Fifteen Minutes. You are WRONG!! There are so many twists, and turns.  Well, guess what you don't. While reading Every Fifteen Minutes, I saw this as a movie the entire time.  I hope they buy up the rights for this one. I just loved this book, and you think about the characters after reading. Lisa, did her homework. This is a winner. If you want to read a book that takes up your entire day. I suggest you grab a copy today.  Every Fifteen Minutes was certainly a pleasure to read, not a chore to finish.

Monday, March 9, 2015

If You Love Classic Movies, Read Touch of Stardust

A Touch of Stardust
By Kate Alcott
Review copy

A Touch of Stardust was wonderful timing after reading Burial Rites. I needed something upbeat and light. I am glad I did.  Reading, Touch of stardust was literary, a touch of stardust. This is the second novel I read by Kate Alcott. The first was Dressmaker. Which was a wonderful to read as well.

I love novels that take place during the turn of the century to the 1930's. Loved the movie, Gone with the Wind. What a great combination for me. Do you know anyone that didn't think Clark Gable was H-O-T! Before hot was a word? LOL! You see before Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jollie, there was Clark and Carole.

 I have always loved the classic movies from MGM, Warner brothers, etc.  I have never read a book that fictionalized Hollywood, or the screen stars. But, I have read plenty of biographies of the stars, Judy Garland, Lucille Ball, Shirley Temple, etc. This was a treat.

A Touch of Stardust is about Julie Crawford from Indiana. With the protest of her parents she goes off in the sunset toward California. She arrives in Hollywood to make her mark. She's fired within a few days of arriving with the famous director( Selznick).  Which incidentially is during  the making of the contraversal movie, Gone with the Wind.

At the same time she is fated to meet Andy Weinstein who has plenty of connections. He gets her into another job working with, actress Carole Lombard as her assistant. With these connections she is at the movie studio during the making the movie. Which was not easy with Selznick( director). He was a very difficult person to get along with. At every turn of the making of GWTW, there seemed to be trouble.

Eventually Julie gets another break. She would rather be a screenwriter. She finalizes her play, and her friend Carole calls the famous Francis Marion. Ms. Marion, eventually is able to get her a job. She is working on a trial basis.
Francis Marion by the way is a famous screenwriter. She wrote many silent movies with Mary Pickford( silent film star). She is the first woman screenwriter that won an oscar.

In the meantime, there many things going on. Her boyfriend Andy, was Jewish.  What it was like to be Jewish during this time.( for me it was interesting). The relationship of Carole Lombard, and Clark Gable as they were not married yet, Learning about Hollywood, and how an actor or actress can get caught up in the razzle dazzle of it all.

The behind the scenes relationship of Rhett and Scarlett. How Clark Gable didn't like the fact that the black actors were not welcome in Atlanta when the premiere opened. Clark Gable was going to start a protest. The movie makers did not at the time want to start trouble in Europe. Movies that were made slid by without talking about war.

The best part was how the relationship of Carole and Julie played out. Carole was a wize cracker. I didn't realize she was a comedianne, and pretty much sprouted out everything not realizing the consequences. My favorite part was when Julie brought her parents over for a barbeque with Clark making the bar-b-que. I could picture this.

There are something that other reviewers were bothered by. They felt somethings were not realistic. But, this is fiction. The writer can play out the book how she wants. If it bothers you so much, then read a biography or memoir. I enjoyed reading A Touch of Stardust immensely.  I would love to read other fictionalized books about actors and the Hollywood business in the early years of MGM, Warner brothers, etc.  Thank you for the review copy from Penguin.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Burial Rites: Absolutely Loved it

Burial Rites
By Hannah Kent

Burial Rites is the debut novel of Hannah Kent, an Australian author. She was 17 years old and traveled to Iceland as an exchange student. She has said, this is her love letter to Iceland.

The novel, which is historical fiction takes place in Iceland the year 1828. A 33 year old Agnes Magnustadottir, and Fredrik Siggurdsson, and Sigga Gudundsdottir were accused of two brutal murders of Natan Ketilsson, and Peter Jonsson at Illugastadir, Iceland. Agnes was the last person to be executed in Iceland.

 After the trial, Agnes is sent to a family by order of the district commissioner Blondal. She will be staying there until her execution. The family, Jon, Margaret, Steina, and Lauga are not happy about this situation as you can imagine.

The novel has many layers. I absolutely loved this book. There are many themes to the book, and many questions to be answered. it just kept being build on and on.

Why was Agnes sent away to a family? Her family life as a child was not a happy one. Do you think it was destiny and fate? Do you think it was hopeless? Forever Agnes kept plugging along hoping things would change. Do you think her social status sealed her fate? How the priest Toti, was inept at first when he first encountered Agnes, but as the story unfolded it seemed he felt comfortable with Agnes as he learned about her. Natan was an evil man, but Agnes kept wanted to believe he loved her. The Iclandic landscape was bleak, and isolated, but there was also beauty that added to the the story.  When Fredrik tried to commit the murder why couldn't he finish the job? What had to be difficult was dealing with one small room. No one had privacy. It must have been very difficult to keep secrets. Interesting that Natan was the only man with the two women present.

it was interesting that Jon, the father was kind to Agnes, Margaret the wife was not a very accepting person, and either was one of the daughters. But, as Agnes was telling her side of the story, Margaret starting to care about Agnes. Why do you think this was?

I read this for our book club. There were some of us that loved the style of the writing. Some of the members said they didn't like the book because it was so dark. Well, that is true. But, the writing style was wonderful.  Burial Rites when I picked it up reminded me of Margaret Atwood's Alias Grace, which I read and loved for the richness, and historical fiction. The same holds true of Burial Rites, I am very glad I read it. I recommend it for a book club, and there are many questions that will be asked from your book club. There are plenty of resources found about the book if you do a google search.

I have not felt like this in a long time, telling everyone that will listen, loved, loved Burial Rites. The last time was about a year ago, when I read Golem and the Jinni, another great book.


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