Educated: Book Review

Educated By Tara Westover Digital Copy from Netgalley

What a inspiration. Anyone who is a scholar, educator, or believes in education will be amazed how this little girl had no education.
Her brother, Tyler encouraged her to self teach herself. The family didn’t believe in education.  The only way to get out of the house was to prepare for the tests. Hopefully get herself to college.]
Because how the family lived. The only thing they could look forward to was a hard life. She didn’t want to be a stay at home mother, pregnant and barefoot. But, what obstacles at home to get through. Unfortunately, she was isolated from the rest of the world. The education she learned from home. Was learned from her parents, and the environment   But, often times because she was off the grid. She had a difficult time fitting in. Intellectually, and common sense. Eventually she did get by. 

When she went to college the other students at Cambridge. Either thought she was stupid, or was playing dumb. They though…

Hacks: Book Review

By Donna Brazile
My own copy
Boy, Hacks was an eye opener. I didn’t know what shenanigans has been going on in politics. What an eye opener. I never cared about politics until the 2016 Presidential elections. The author writes likes she is having coffee  at the coffee table having a discussion with you. I would love to meet her some day. She is some tough cookie. But she at sometime has a breaking point. I felt like as she was talking all warm, and snugly inside. It could have been the writing style. The one main thing that concerns me. Hilary Clinton donated money to the Dem party. What this did. Which is not illegal, just unethical. Bernie Sanders didn’t get any help. Instead Hilary Clinton got all the resources and monies she needed before the primary. That isn’t usually done till the primaries are done. This is not what happened instead. She got all the resources ahead of time. I am not educated in politics until now. I didn’t know the in’s and out’s of the political process.…

Review: Lillian Boxfish Takes A Walk

Lillian Boxfish Takes A Walk
By Kathleen Rooney
Copy given from St. Martin

We meet Lillian Boxfish on New Year’s Eve, 1984. Who is Lillian Boxfish? She was the most well paid, woman, copy writer, in advertising in the 1930’s. She worked for R. H. Macy in NYC. When we meet Lillian, she is retired at the age of 85 years old. She lives alone, with her cat. Her son is married and lives far away from her. She has decided she wants to walk the city to bring in the new year.  While she is walking every stop. She reminisces about her life and each different stop. The publisher put in the front and the back of the book the different stops she made. I didn’t particularly like the map that was illustrated.  Since I lived in NYC. I would have preferred a real map that showed the different landmarks. FYI- Lillian Boxfish is Margaret Fishback the real life person. You can look who she is here. I may have gotten a different perspective of the novel.  I graduated nursing school in 1985 in NJ. I used t…

Interview: Kathleen Rooney: Lillian Boxfish Takes A Walk

Hi Kathleen! I am excited to meet you. Are you looking forward to coming South to SC next week? Our book club is so excited because the organizer is having you sit with our book club. We can’t wait to hear about Lillian and her adventures, her life, and her work in NYC.  She was a gutsy lady! Where did you get your inspiration for the novel, Lillian Boxfish? KR: The dedication of the book is in part to “Angela, my archivist always.” That refers to my high school best friend without whom I would never have come across the inspiration for this novel. She was getting her Library Science degree at UNC—Chapel Hill and had an internship at Duke University at the Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History where she got to be the first archivist to work with the papers of Margaret Fishback, the real-life highest paid advertising copywriter in America in the 1930s. Thanks to her, I got to be the first non-archivist to work with the Fishback materials, an unforgettable exper…

Susie Does It Again- Old Post

Add another one to Susie Fishbein's cook book series. Kosher By Design, Passover By Design, Kosher by Design Entertains, Kosher by Design, Short on Time, Kosher by Design; Kids in the Kitchen.
This time her cook book is on healthy recipes. Her new cook book is called Kosher By Design; Lighten Up. Also in this edition she has a dietician that gives advise on foods to eat that are good for you and foods to be careful with.
She has it broken down. What flours, Fish, Grains, Oils, Sugars, Seeds and Nuts, are healthy for you and what it can do for your food intake. For instance brown rice vs. white rice. Did you know sunflower seeds are a good source of vitamin C, and contains antioxidants, and vit. E. Gives you advise on gadgets to have in the kitchen, entertaining ideas which gave me a few ideas for my next temple function.
I was a Sisterhood Programming Chairman for our Shul for the past two years. Too bad this cookbook did not come out till now. Boy, I could have used this a…

Old Post-People of the Book Giveaway

I am going to make this a easy giveaway.
I have two copies of the book,People of the Book by Geraldine Brooksto giveaway on both of my blogs.
You have one chance if you leave a comment on this blog, if you leave a comment on both blogs you have two chances. The contest starts tomorrow and will last till February 2nd, in honor of my b-day.
The books were sent to me courtesy from Julie Harbedian of FSBA Associates.

This is a wonderful book. Many people are comparing this to the Davinci code.
It is full of suspense and full of mystery. You won't want to put it down. You are not giving the book justice when you compare it to the Davinci Code.

To make it short and sweet the book is about a young Australian woman, she is asked to find out the mysteries of the book, called the Haggadah. As she does the research she finds different things in the book such as a feather, hair, blood and other things. The book goes back and forth in time. First to present day Bosnia then goes back t…

Old Post- Snow

Is this what snow looks like. I have not seen snow for at least four years. Remember in my last post, I told you they were expected snow. We never got a drop of it. They cancelled class and the next day a two hour delay. Well today they did not close any schools down on the Grand Strand. It was cold for us down here of 19 degrees- B-RR, B-RR that is cold. And we actually this time around get snow flurries. It did not last long maybe an hour and then the snow melted. But we actually did see a dusting this time around. All of us get giddy about this. Now it is suppose to get cold again tonight and my son, David tells me again snow. We will have to see if we have school tommorrow or a late start. The reason they do close everything down is first of all we are not eqipted for this weather we do not have snow plows and sand.. Only the airport and the county can not use it.

Now my good news for you readers that are wondering how I did. Ready for the drum roll. I did do well. …